Tell President Obama to Enact a Salmon Recovery Plan Based on Sound Science
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Tell President Obama to Enact a Salmon Recovery Plan Based on Sound Science

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Salmon are an integral part of both the environment and the fishing communities that depend on them for their survival. The President has a unique opportunity to create a first-of-its-kind comprehensive policy for the Snake bringing together the businesses, fishermen, and other affected stakeholders to chart a new course for wild salmon and salmon-dependent communities that provides solutions based on good science and economics.

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      • about 3 years ago

      Seriously people this is easy. Just ask yourself, do you like the taste of Salmon? As well as the Nutritional Value of Salmon? This Species must be protected in a Sustainable Fashion or we run the risk of never tasting this fish again within our lifetime! Then the Ecological repercussions of loosing a species on the Food Chain.

    • Ruth Serra CLEARWATER, FL
      • about 3 years ago

      In response to those people who keep arguing the whole “we have the right since we were given dominion over the animals”, you are conveniently forgetting the charge that went along with that “right”. We were supposed to be stewards as well; that means no killing, no pain and suffering, and to guard/protect the animals.

    • Barbara Tomlinson SEATTLE, WA
      • about 3 years ago


      They are NO LONGER performing a useful function and are relics of a careless past.

      "Your Administration's current salmon policies will neither protect these one-of-a-kind species nor reconnect them with their unique habitat. Four dams on the lower Snake River threaten the very existence of these fish. Salmon can survive some dams, but Snake River salmon and steelhead must travel past eight of them - and that is four too many.

      The facts are clear: science, law, and economics all point toward removing the four lower Snake River dams to protect these one-of-a-kind species and reconnect them to their one-of-a-kind habitat. The limited services these dams provide can be replaced with effective, affordable, and salmon-friendly alternatives. Right now, we have an opportunity achieve sustainability: wild salmon and productive farms and a healthy economy and clean energy."


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