Tell President Obama: Stop Offshore Drilling and Demand a Clean Energy Future
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Tell President Obama: Stop Offshore Drilling and Demand a Clean Energy Future

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The Deepwater Horizon disaster left a devastating legacy in the Gulf of Mexico. This latest explosion and fire on an offshore rig near Vermilion Bay, LA, is further evidence that offshore drilling rigs are dangerous for humans and marine ecosystems.

This underscores the need for the U.S. to maintain its moratorium on all new offshore oil and gas drilling. It's another reminder that drilling accidents happen all too frequently. We cannot afford to lose any more human lives, nor can we tolerate further damage to the gulf and its irreplaceable ocean ecosystems.

The Gulf Coast economy is suffering, and endangered sea turtles, dolphins and other marine mammals continue to turn up dead on beaches.

The only way to prevent these disasters from happening again is by ending all offshore drilling. A clean energy future is possible, but we need your help.

Offshore drilling will NEVER be safe. Sign the petition to end offshore drilling now.

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