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Tell Pres. Obama to Stop the Escalating War in Afghanistan

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There is no military solution to the situation in Afghanistan.

President Obama must show leadership and faith in diplomacy and work hard to end the escalating war in Afghanistan.

Setting up an equitable and effective peace process is a delicate dance that requires the full commitment and energy of all parties, including the U.S. government. But instead, the Obama administration is focusing on a new military offensive.

The counter-insurgency plan against Kandahar will undoubtedly lead to the death of more innocent Afghans and our soldiers, and escalate resentment against us.

Even the Pentagon had growing doubts about Gen. McChrystal's war plan in Afghanistan and President Obama recently accepted his resignation.

Tribal leaders and the public in Kandahar, one of Afghanistan's largest cities, fearing the consequences for their families, are already strongly opposed to the forthcoming attack.

President Obama, the Commander-in-Chief, should call off the Kandahar offensive and instead work with President Karzai on peace talks.

If we want to prevent a horrific spilling of blood reminiscent of devastating U.S. attack on Fallujah in Iraq, we must make a radical shift in course—and do it immediately.

Tell President Obama to end the war and start the peace talks!

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