Tell Obama: Say NO to More Nukes and YES to Clean, Renewable Energy
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Tell Obama: Say NO to More Nukes and YES to Clean, Renewable Energy

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First came the earthquake. Then the tsunami. Then multiple explosions at nuclear reactors. Several Japanese nuclear reactors are at risk of melting down with unthinkable release of radiation.

The crisis in Japan is heartwrenching. The latest reports suggest at least 10,000 dead from one of the most powerful earthquakes in recorded history followed by a devastating tsunami. And that number is likely to rise.

But perhaps the worst is yet to come as multiple nuclear reactors in Japan are redlining and officials frantically release radioactive steam into the atmosphere in hopes of averting a total nuclear meltdown.

Tell President Obama: No more nukes. Not now.

Even now, politicians of both parties are so beholden to the nuclear industry, that they are racing to microphones to say that the U.S. must EXPAND its taxpayer support of building even more nuclear reactors.

President Obama's 2012 budget includes $36 billion in loan guarantees to the nuclear energy industry. With Congressional leaders competing to cut public spending, we face a spectacle where senators in both parties were quick to defend nuclear power in the days following earthquake. Sen. Chuck Schumer, vice chair of the Democratic Senate caucus, has joined with Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, in refusing to support a moratorium on building new nuclear reactors in seismically active areas in the U.S.

Nuclear power generation is so financially risky that it requires government intervention to obtain sufficient financing for development. Even nuclear power proponents admit the stakes. According to John Rowe, the CEO of the nation's largest nuclear operator Exelon, said "Except with massive subsidies, there's really nothing one can do to make a whole lot of nuclear plants economic right now."

Tell President Obama: We need investment in clean, renewable energy, not more nuclear time bombs.

What does it take for Congress and President Obama to get the message? In just the last year, we have suffered massive disasters as a result of declining and risky energy technologies. Coal, oil, and now nuclear power have been the center of soul searching crises in the past 12 months. First came the massive coal mine collapse in West Virginia courtesy of the rapacious Massey Energy. Then came the massive BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico which failed to slow significant advances by the oil companies in drilling offshore of the United States. And now comes a massive nuclear crisis in Japan, the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl. Yet nothing has been done.

It's time to stand up and defend the planet and the people who live on it. Tell President Obama: Enough is enough: No new nukes.

President of the United States
Reverse your support of risky nuclear power.

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    • "Jaya" Sensintaffar ROSEVILLE, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      Dear President Obama,

      I have serious concerns about the MAGNETIC SOLAR STORMS predicted to happen from 2012-2013, by NASA, and our Nuclear Power Plants.

      As a sci-fi writer, I thought about the frailty of the back-up cooling systems for nuclear power plants. All fancy science aside they are still only boiling water with highly toxic Nuclear Power, gambling that no accident or act of nature will EVER happen, to them.

      Once the electric grid fails, the local water pumps would fail. This could be prevented by installing special resistors before the transistors. You can find much of this info at under heliophysics and solar flares and storms.


      During a hearing in California, in March 2011, scientists discussed that a possible nuclear accident at Diablo Canyon, has been estimated to cost at least $213 BILLION. This sounds low to me considering that 3 Mile Island cost 100 Billion to clean up. And 3 Mile Island was due to the cooling system being accidently shut off for 2 hours before being discovered and then turned back on.

      THE MATH:

      So, lets estimate; 250 Billion is 1/4 th of a TRILLION dollars for one clean up. So, only, 4 malfunctioning nuclear power plants; (after a large earthquake, tsunami, or a geomagnetic storm), would cost about one TRILLION to clean up.

      And if 104 Nuclear Power Plants start to have a partial melt down from the generators and especially the water pumps failing after the MAGNETIC SOLAR STORM as predicted by NASA, it could be the cause of a NUCLEAR Armageddon. TRILLIONS of dollars would have to be spent, for the clean up, about 26 TRILLION dollars to be exact. Nuclear Power is an industry that GAMBLES that no tornado, earthquake, tsunami, rogue wave, hurricane, asteroid, or electrical solar storm, will ever hit it. In Japan, TEPCO admitted, they had no plan in case of an accident.

      SOLUTION: STOP putting billions into outdated NUCLEAR POWER and invest in WIND and SOLAR. I will not vote for anyone who supports Nuclear Power, again.

      Sincerely, "Jaya" Sensintaffar, BA in science

    • Mark Jones NAMPA, ID
      • over 3 years ago

      Fully support action in Libya. Was afraid you were going to let us down. Even got angry, but then you came through. Thanks.

    • Tess Cutler LOS ANGELES, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      Thank you and, hopefully, our state and our nation can work towards a progressive energy reform. With great devastation, I hope we learn something from Japan.

    • L M PINE, AZ
      • over 3 years ago

      Please. Thank you.

    • Gloria Monroe GRANTS PASS, OR
      • over 3 years ago

      Obama, please don't let the GOP bullies, bully you into forcing us to use nuclear energy for our energy solutions. We want wind & solar energy only.


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