Tell North Carolina to Overturn Decision Legalizing Rape
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Tell North Carolina to Overturn Decision Legalizing Rape

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Under a 1979 Supreme Court decision, once someone has agreed to start having sex, at no time during that act of intercourse can she withdraw consent. She relinquishes the right to control her own body.

If her partner has to physically restrain her, causing injuries, to keep her from stopping the act? Nope, not rape.

In effect, this decision has legalized rape.

This disturbing policy came to light after a case in which a young woman was dropped under the argument that she'd been okay with having sex at first. The victim's father is now asking legislators to make certain that other girls are not faced with the same denial of legal redress for what is certainly rape.

Help protect future women by asking North Carolina state legislators to pass legislation clarifying that rape occurs in any non-consensual situation, even if it happens after intercourse has started.

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    1. Reached 10,000 signatures
    2. A bill was introduced in North Carolina to fix this legal rape loophole THIS MONTH! Take action now to get it passed.

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    4. North Carolina's Shocking Legal Rape Case Law

      Almost 5,000 of you have taken action since I wrote about North Carolina's 1979 Supreme Court decision that if a woman withdraws consent to sex after intercourse has started, but her partner refuses to stop, that is not rape. "If the actual...

    5. In North Carolina, No Changing Your Mind About Having Sex

      Welcome to North Carolina, where rape is legal!
      If you begin having sex in the great state of North Carolina, want to stop, and your partner forcibly restrains you to continue having intercourse, well, you should have made up your mind beforehand....


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    • Diamond Moore NEWARK, DE
      • about 3 years ago
    • elizabeth o'hara WILMETTE, IL
      • about 3 years ago

      Anyone against massive injustice for rape victims will find the story of Sara Kruzan horrifying. Read here & then please participate in my photo petition to Governor Brown of California.

      CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING/RAPE VICTIM IN PRISON 25-LIFE FOR KILLING PIMP IN CALIFORNIA. PLEASE HELP THIS END by Participating in the PHOTO PETITION from anywhere in the world! Your concern on this topic makes me believe you might want to participate as a "FACE for SARA KRUZAN"

      SARA SUPPORTERS: Please Participate in ‎"FACES FOR SARA KRUZAN" Photo Collective Petition: Read Full Description below. I had to add comments because of length restrictions. Please do not flag this in an open forum. This is a legitimate project and I need all of her supporters who are comfortable showing your faces to participate. Freedom for Sara is the goal. Sending the project to exhibition and Governor Brown is the goal. Thank You! Now Please read:

      For Sara Kruzan - Photo Petition Project for Sara's Freedom

      (Urgent: Please read in full)

      Dear Sara Supporters,

      My name is Elizabeth O'Hara and I'm a photojournalist in the Bay area of California. I am seeking Californians, Americans and people Internationally for participation in this project. This site is the main source of people who should add their face in support of Sara. Please read description of project below. It is very simple and can make a huge difference.


      I am doing a large project which consists of two main parts & you are the epicenter of exposure that I need to help bring this petition together in time for a (pre-parole hearing) photo exhibit. In addition, I will be submitting this project to newspapers, journals, several key politicians and most importantly, Governor Brown. I want to use the photo petition to display the strength of the movement through the faces of supporters.

      I need to do all of this very quickly, as the project itself will take a lot of time. I'm also seeking some volunteers to recruit Free Sara Faces. If you would like to assist me via internet or in the Bay Area (in person), your job would be to find supporters and groups to partake in the photo petition. If this interests you, email me at

      Although the specifics are only provided in this email, you can

      visit my website page on this project here and see my other work:



      The main objective: to find everyone who supports Sara Kruzan's freedom to be a part of this project, or more specifically, everyone who is proud and willing to show their face in support of her Freedom.

      Power in numbers has a significant truth, but a deeper impact can result from associating those numbers with real faces, real people. There is an emotional attachment and magnitude that a book or a wall full of pictures can achieve that an anonymous online petition cannot. I want to expose this story to the world. I need to act quickly and have emails pouring in with photos and statements. Read the conditions below.

      There are two ways people can be a part of this project. Imagine a large blank wall split into TWO sides. One side is the IMPACT side and the other is ACTION, which features a legitimate photo petition with full names & contact info of persons photographed.

      POSE AS MY SUBJECT IN PERSON: surpass fulfilling the following rules, guidelines by being my subject in person in the San Francisco Bay area! If you allow me to take your photo for this project, I will ensure the applicable guidelines are met for you during the shoot. To do this, email me here:

      SELF-SUBMIT A PHOTOGRAPH: This will allow people from anywhere in the nation or the world to contribute to the project. READ BELOW IF YOU WISH TO SUBMIT YOUR OWN PHOTOGRAPH.

      PARTICIPATE in the IMPACT wall:

      IMPACT will be featuring photos submitted by minors (under 18) or adults who want to support Sara but are not eligible or comfortable revealing their full identity. They will still be published with the others as a collective imagery, but not as a legitimate part of the petition side.

      SIMPLE RULES of the IMPACT wall:

      A. Sign release form after you send your photo. (Note of Release: I will send you a short release form if you send me your pictures, so do not worry about writing your own permission. It is only intended so that I have the ability to use your image as part of the project, make appropriate adjustments to the images if necessary, use for publication, political movement or advertisement for Sara's freedom.)

      Seven Simple Rules:

      1) Send 1 to 3 photos of YOU with a statement or demand for Sara's Freedom all in the same photo! Statements must be CLEAN or they will not be used. Keep statements short, from a few words to a sentence. Only two sentences are allowed if they are short, large and visible along with your face.

      2) Make sure the statement you present in the picture is YOUR belief and not that of another person. Make sure you and the statement are in the SAME PHOTOGRAPH and both clear.

      For example, YOU HOLDING OR STANDING NEXT TO a sign, drawing, painting, chalk writing, wall writing or other art form saying "Free Sara Kruzan", or "Set Sara Free Today", "Reverse Injustice". You can use strong, forceful statements, but make sure they are not inappropriate, nor contain foul language or racial statements.

      3) Only send pictures of yourself. If your friends wish to participate, please have them email me separately with their own submission.

      4) IMPORTANT!!!!! GROUP PHOTOS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Each person must be individually photographed. No exceptions unless you obtain my permission. The entire purpose of the project is to show as many individuals as possible in order to create a large body of individual work. Group photos would greatly undermine and compromise that purpose.

      5) If a friend relies on you for internet and email access, please MAKE SURE to write that in your entry and have them return a signed release form and their own statement within their picture.

      6) NOT ALLOWED: inappropriate images, including partial or full nudity, provocative or suggestive poses, racially-based language or any other racially discriminatory language or slang. No profanity please. If you are unsure if your statement is appropriate, please email me asking FIRST before you take your photograph.

      7) Provide your First name if under 18, write a pseudonym (fake first name) if you'd like to remain anonymous. "Jane Doe" often works.

      That's it!

      8) Email with the subject line: "Participate in FFSK: IMPACT"

      Basically, in a nutshell, send 1-3 clear pictures of yourself, with your own appropriate statement. Email it to me and wait for a release form. Email that back to me and you're done!

      Be creative! Spread the word. Send me your photo ASAP to:

      PARTICIPATE IN THE ACTION SIDE [official petition wall]

      All the same rules apply above except the following:

      1) You must submit your photo along with your first & last name, contact info (address, email address and optional phone number), as you would in any petition.

      2) You may use partial nudity ONLY if you are clearly an adult but it must be in a tasteful, artistic style. No showing of private areas. Release form for adults is slightly different than minors, so make sure you request the ADULT release form.

      3) Email with the subject line: "Participate in FFSK: ACTION Official Petition Wall"

      Thank you and pass this along to everyone you know!


      Elizabeth O'Hara

      less than a minute ago

    • james cardenas HARTFORD, CT
      • about 3 years ago

      I feeel that all women hsould be treated equal. Through their sufferings we are here.As Father of "Five" daughters, I understand what they go through. I hope this law gets changed! For sake of all "Women!"

    • Cathy Barnes MEBANE, NC
      • about 3 years ago

      No means no and stop means stop - it really doesn't matter at what point it is verbalized.

    • Denise Roux PUYALLUP, WA
      • about 3 years ago

      No, means No! Women can change their minds about what they want ot do or not do - if men don't agree then use their hands to jack off. Women are not objects for men's sexual pleasure any man who thinks so is not a real man. Shame on North Carolina - STOP THE WAR ON WOMEN!


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