Tell New Balance: Stop Supporting Anti-Gay Politicians
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Tell New Balance: Stop Supporting Anti-Gay Politicians

    1. Michael Jones
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      Michael Jones

      Boston, MA


New Balance's Chairman, James Davis, is one of the largest funders of GOP Presidential politics, including a major donation to Mitt Romney, who just signed a hateful and divisive anti-gay pledge.  This pledge would ban same-sex marriage in the United States, and write discrimination into the U.S. Constitution. 

Tell New Balance that their Chairman, the public face of their company, should not be supporting politicians who want to enshrine discrimination against LGBT Americans into law. It reflects badly on the company, and suggests that New Balance has little respect for their gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender customers. 


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    2. New Balance issues statement

      Michael Jones
      Senior Campaign Director

      New Balance issued a statement saying their Chairman did give $500,000 to Romney's campaign, but that the company still values LGBT consumers. Let's keep the pressure on, until Davis or New Balance shows an equal amount of support for LGBT rights.

    3. Reached 3,000 signatures
    4. New Balance's Ties to Fiercely Anti-Gay Politics

      Shelby Knox
      Senior Campaigner

      You might know New Balance as the major brand of shoes and athletic wear found at marathons, road races, and gyms around the country.
      Here's what you might not know about the company: their Chairman, James Davis, has given upwards of $500,000 to Mitt...

    5. Reached 250 signatures
    6. Mitt Romney joins Rick Santorum in signing vicious anti-gay pledge

      Michael Jones
      Senior Campaign Director

      Mitt Romney has joined Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum in signing a pledge that would enshrine discrimination against LGBT Americans into the U.S. Constitution.


    Reasons for signing

    • Samantha Trosky BERWYN, IL
      • almost 3 years ago

      I have been waiting to buy much needed gym shoes so I could buy New Balance since they are made in America, and now I feel like I can't because even though I am straight some of my best friends are part of the LGBT community! SAD!!!!

      • almost 3 years ago

      Such a big position for such a little guy. That's all I have to say. Where is your conscious and spirituality?

    • pam basler GILMAN, IL
      • about 3 years ago

      my daughter and her girlfriend are in a commited relationship just as any heterosexual couple. i want them to enjoy the same rights as the rest of the couples in the u.s. narrow-minded people like this companies chairman will no longer be getting my hard-earned dollars.

    • raymond short TULSA, OK
      • about 3 years ago

      great sneakers but I'll spend my money elsewhere...

    • Tina FitzPatrick LOUISVILLE, KY
      • about 3 years ago

      If you don't want to marry someone of the same sex fine. We aren't making you do it. So please don't tell others they can not when they want to. In other wards, mind your own business and leave the judging to God.


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