Tell Nevada Legislators to Stop Canine Profiling in Nevada
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Tell Nevada Legislators to Stop Canine Profiling in Nevada

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      Best Friends Animal Society

Current Nevada dangerous dog laws allow the government to designate a dog as dangerous or vicious without a hearing or notification to the owner. The current law has no due process protections for pet owners or pets.

AB 324, introduced by Assemblyman Hambrick, would put due process protections in place. It would also prohibit canine profiling in Nevada. Dogs should be judged by their behavior not their appearance.

Studies in the United Kingdom and Spain have shown that breed discriminatory laws are ineffective. According to economist John Dunham and Associates, breed discriminatory laws  are also extremely expensive to enforce.

Urge Nevada legislators to support AB 324.

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    1. Although this good bill died in committee, Best Friends Animal Society is hoping legislators will address the issue next year.

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    3. Basic Constitutional Rights Don't Apply to Nevada Dog Owners

      Nevada's dangerous dog law is a relic, like an abandoned silver mine. Currently, it's super simple to declare a dog dangerous or vicious: Your canine companion can be deemed dangerous or vicious — and taken away — without notification to you or a...


    Reasons for signing

    • Rachel Worthington BOISE, ID
      • over 3 years ago

      My 71 year old grandma has a pit bull mix, Scooby-Lu, who I am very close to.The thought of the possibility of her ever being taken away make me want to thow up and gets my own hackles up.

      Before you sign any BSL go and meet the actual dog and talk to the owners--don't listen to unreliable sources such as the media.

      I whole heartedly support AB 324

    • desha strickland CARLISLE, AR
      • over 3 years ago

      Currently the small town I live in has put a ban on pit bull breeds. Ive had mine for over a year and find it very offensive that they give me 30 days to "rid" of her.

    • Patrick M. Donovan BROOKLYN, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      The basic issue is simple: "The question is not, can they reason? Nor, can they talk? But, can they suffer?" (Jeremy Bentham, philosopher and animal rights activist; 1748-1832.)

    • Julianne MacLean RENO, NV
      • over 3 years ago

      Signing on behalf of my American Staffordshire Terrier, Bailey

    • monica ghoodjani TORONTO, CANADA
      • over 3 years ago

      They are animals for gods sake they feel pain and they have goddamn emotions. What gives you the right to control a living beings life without even notifying them?!? Since when are you allowed to underestimate an animals value, manipulate them so heartlessly and treat them like dirt? Do they not have freedom and rights? Do they not deserve respect? You humans are truly disgusting. You are nothing but useless scums of earth. Only destroying the world by the second.


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