Tell NC Senators: Don't Use Immigration to Keep NC Workers from their Jobs!
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Tell NC Senators: Don't Use Immigration to Keep NC Workers from their Jobs!

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      National Council of La Raza

This week, the North Carolina House passed HB 36, which could keep immigrants and nonimmigrants alike from getting a job, exactly what we DON’T need in a time of high unemployment.  Now the bill is moving to the Senate to be considered, the next step in the process for it to become law.

The last thing that North Carolina needs is another obstacle between jobs and eligible workers.  But the state’s legislature is proposing to do that just that. 

HB 36 requires the use of the flawed federal E-Verify system. Various studies, including the National Council of La Raza’s (NCLR) Dangerous Business: Implications of an EEVS for Latinos and the U.S. Workforce, have shown that E-Verify incorrectly identifies authorized workers as unauthorized to work, is subject to employer misuse, and relies on error-ridden, outdated databases. 

Contrary to what proponents of the bill have said, the E-Verify program could have great consequences on individual eligible workers and their families, including delays in employment, legal fees, and even job loss. Here’s just one example from testimony given before the U.S. Congress:

A U.S. citizen and former captain in the U.S. Navy with 34 years of service and a history of having maintained high security clearance was flagged by E-Verify as not eligible for employment.  It took him and his wife, an attorney, two months to resolve the discrepancy.

The Immigration Policy Center estimates that up to 104,495 U.S. citizen and lawful immigrant workers in North Carolina could be told they are ineligible to work.  Don’t let this happen to North Carolina’s workers!  In a time of economic uncertainty, North Carolina cannot afford to play with its families' livelihoods.  

Join NCLR and the Latin American Coalition and sign this petition to your North Carolina state senator to put a stop to this harmful bill.

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    • Ricardo Torres CHARLOTTE, NC
      • over 3 years ago

      This bill will contnuie to hurt the economy and families. I understand you want to make more jobs for the unemployed, however I worked in Human Resourses and know that the E-verify is a program that has caused problems for many people including where I onced worked. It too is broken like the immigration system.

    • Shel Anderson DURHAM, NC
      • over 3 years ago

      When I registered to vote in NC, I had a current US Passport, which apparently didn't qualify as identification. They used e-verify, which did not find me as a legitimate citizen. Born in the USA and very leery of e-verify.

    • velia garcia HIGH POINT, NC
      • over 3 years ago

      In God we trust....inmigrants too...our sin: work hard and wish a better life.

    • Suzanne Wheat PITTSBORO, NC
      • over 3 years ago

      The immigrant population is our future too. As a social worker I have seen straight A students who have lived in the US since infancy who are denied a college education. I am in favor of an open door policy, especially to Latin America, and a full amnesty to those law abiding undocumented immigrants who have been here making a huge contribution

      !Si se puede!

    • Sandra Triplett HILLSBOROUGH, NC
      • over 3 years ago

      Please stop HB 36. The E-verify system is flawed , has outdated databases and has been proven to identify authorized workers as illegal. This will cause great harm to NC families and businesses. The system needs to be fixed before anything like this proceeds. The voters are looking to you to STOP THIS BILL.

      thank you


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