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Tell NC legislators: Save our trees, not billboards
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Tell NC legislators: Save our trees, not billboards

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Last year the state legislature passed a law, at the urging of the billboard industry, that allows billboard companies to chop down even more trees near billboards. This new law even overrules local town rules on billboards and trees.

Billboard companies have recently been lobbying the NC Department of Transportation to ensure that they can cut down as many trees as possible. Recently, the Executive Director of the billboard companies’ lobbying group, the NC Outdoor Advertising Association, spoke at an Asheville public hearing on this issue and gave some pretty incredible reasons as for why it would be good for billboard companies to cut down more trees. His reasons included these "facts": - cutting down trees will help stop global warming (no it won't), - trees increase air pollution (wrong), and - trees are the reason for worsening droughts (nope).

Tell state legislators that no one comes to North Carolina to see our beautiful billboards. Urge them to oppose any new efforts to let billboard companies cut down more trees in our state.

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    2. Decision-maker Phillip Shepard responds:

      Phillip Shepard

      I want you to know that I appreciate your email and concerns and do understand your point of view. I will do all I can to save our trees.

    3. Decision-maker Rayne Brown responds:

      Rayne Brown

      I want you to know that I appreciate your email and do understand your point of view. What those of us who voted for this bill had uppermost in our minds was NC's horrific economy. Without a turnaround, the tax monies that go to fund man...

    4. Reached 2,500 signatures


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