No Public Funding for a Vikings Stadium
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No Public Funding for a Vikings Stadium

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      Brian Johnson

      Bloomington, MN

With the economy in the shape it currently is, a $30 million contribution from the State of Minnesota is inappropriate for a billionaire's football team. And funding a stadium is no guarantee the team will stay beyond the lease, and could even produce another demand for another new stadium when that lease is up. When does it end? Let's save the money for the poor, the unemployed, and the taxpayers who should have a say in how their taxes are spent.

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    1. Almost halfway there

      Brian Johnson
      Petition Organizer

      Well, since I moved the goalpost to 30 signatures. Hope everyone is having a fun time monitoring the circus that is stadium legislation, or just (like me) ignoring it every time it comes on and hoping it will go away.


    2. 3 more signatures!

      Brian Johnson
      Petition Organizer

      Which means over 30% growth in the last week alone. If anyone feels comfortable mentioning the petition on their twitter or facebook accounts (or spamming your like-minded friends like me), please do so. We could use more signatures, always.

      Thanks for signing!

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    • Dan Wicht FRIDLEY, MN
      • over 2 years ago

      We can not afford to pay for a public project of this magnitude that only really benefits the rich. Either the team pays for the stadium in full or it is not built at all.


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