Tell Miami Not to Punish People for Feeding the Homeless
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Tell Miami Not to Punish People for Feeding the Homeless

    1. Jacqueline Dowd
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      Jacqueline Dowd

      Orlando, FL

The doggie bag from your restaurant dinner could be tomorrow's lunch. But then you see someone on the street who needs that meal more than you do. So you hand it over and continue on your way, maybe feeling a little better about yourself.

Then a police officer stops you and hands you a $300 ticket.

That's what could happen if a city ordinance being considered in Miami is enacted into law.

The Miami City Commission is considering a proposal that would prohibit "unauthorized" people and groups from sharing food with homeless people in the downtown area.

Tell Mayor Tomas Regalado not to punish people for helping the most vulnerable among us.

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Tomas Regalado, Mayor of Miami
I was disheartened to learn that the City Commission is considering an ordinance that would punish unauthorized people and groups for feeding the homeless in downtown Miami.

Please do not approve the proposed ordinance. Don't legislate charity. Don't make life harder for those who have it the hardest. And don't discourage people from helping the most vulnerable among us.


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