Tell Mayor Jack Scott to let FEMA provide emergency housing for tornado victims in Cordova, Alabama
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Tell Mayor Jack Scott to let FEMA provide emergency housing for tornado victims in Cordova, Alabama

    1. Amanda Ryan
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      Amanda Ryan

      Pittsburgh, PA


Due to a city ordinance banning single-wide mobile homes in the town of Cordova, Alabama, Mayor Jack Scott is refusing to allow FEMA to provide temporary housing to any of the town's residents who's homes were destroyed by the tornados that recently barreled through the southeastern U.S.

An EF-3 twister with winds of at least 140 mph slammed into the town around 5:30 a.m.on April 27th, knocking out power and damaging numerous buildings. An EF-4 with winds around 170 mph struck about 12 hours later, killing four people and cutting a path of destruction a half-mile wide through town. Scores of homes, businesses and city buildings were destroyed or damaged by the time the winds died down.

Despite the fact that  the Cordova Police Department, a pharmacy, a bank, and City Hall have all moved into similar trailers since the storm, the mayor will not lift the ban for any of Cordova's 2000 residents.

Towns with similar laws have granted temporary waivers, but even in the face of public outrage Mayor Scott isn't apologizing. He says he doesn't want run-down mobile homes parked all over town years from now. "I don't feel guilty," he said. "I can look anyone in the eye."

Please help me put pressure on Mayor Jack Scott to lift this ridiculous ban so that the people of Cordova can move out of tents errected on their demolished lots and into the temporary housing provided by FEMA.


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    2. Benjamin Joffe-Walt
      Vice President and Chief of Staff

      State, federal officials pledge support to city of Cordova in light of trailer ban

    3. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      Update on a recent council meeting: "At the beginning of the meeting, Mayor Jack Scott hurried his way into the chamber before passing out the resolution. The council voted and passed the resolution and Scott promptly left the meeting only minutes after arriving."

    4. Benjamin Joffe-Walt
      Vice President and Chief of Staff

      FOX News: Federal officials working to resolve Cordova trailer conflict

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    6. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      Cordova mayor's anti-FEMA trailer stand lampooned internationally

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    • Barbara Hudson EUREKA, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      Besides being a human rights issue and the decent thing to do, I've heard many people wonder if there are ulterior motives for the mayor to take this stance besides the claims made. Do a certain select few stand to gain monetarily? Will wealthier people make this a land grab, forcing many out?

    • Gincie Butt DUBUQUE, IA
      • over 3 years ago

      Refusing to allow FEMA to provide temporary housing to people and families who have been through so much is appalling and outrageous! You say you can "look anyone in the eye.", but have you ever honestly looked into the tear filled eyes of one of the mothers who have been left homeless and haven't a safe, warm place for her children to sleep at night after the tornadoes ravaged the city and the citizens whom you are supposed to protect? Sure, you may have a few mobile homes in your city for a few years, but I can guarantee they will look much better than your citizens scrambling and struggling to find places to live until everything is cleared up. Please consider allowing FEMA to provide temporary housing until Cordova gets back on its feet again!

    • Cris Mogenson WINDSOR, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      Mayor Scott,

      I understand your ordinance about trailers, but in light of this tragedy I feel that this is nothing but elitism, and contrary to the ideals of charity which make america the nation that it is.

    • Susan Clanton NASHVILLE, TN
      • over 3 years ago

      Mr. Mayor, how can you be so cold and indifferent to your people's needs right now? Please reconsider. These people are hurting and need shelter NOW so they can begin the long process of healing their heartbreak and rebuilding their lives.

    • Marianne Neal YUBA CITY, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      What unbelievable stupidity, elitism, and CRUELTY!!! Someone find a brain and a heart for this moronic Mayor so he know what it feels like and understands what is happening after he is recalled. He obviously doesn't have either now!


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