Tell MARTA Executive Board to Vote No on Fare Increases and Service Cuts!
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Tell MARTA Executive Board to Vote No on Fare Increases and Service Cuts!

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      Atlanta Public Sector Alliance

MARTA Management has made a terrible budget proposal to the MARTA Executive Board.  They have proposed that MARTA raise fares, and cut service.  For example, Management would like to raise the monthly fare to $95.00 dollars!  They claim that fare increases and service cuts are necessary.  But here are the facts:

1.  MARTA Management and most others agree; Fare Increases and Service Cuts won't solve MARTA's fundamental financial problem.

2.  MARTA loses riders with each fare increase.  The loss of riders reduces revenue for the transit system.

3.  Service Reductions destroy jobs at a time when Georgia and Atlanta need job creation.

4.  Fare Increases and Service cuts disproportionatly attack and hurt the poor, people of color, women, working families, immigrants, youth/students, and people with disabilites.

5.  Our environment is in more jeopardy when cuts are made to public transit.

Clearly, Management's proposal is bad for Metro Atlanta.  It doesn't solve the fundamental financial problem at MARTA, and does more harm than good.  

Tell the MARTA Executive Board to stand up for human rights by voting no on MARTA Fare Increases And Service Cuts.



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    • bonnie basher LAWRENCEVILLE, GA
      • over 3 years ago

      Now is NOT the time to increase while decreasing services. If the active MARTA riders were afluent, the increase would be miniscule. However, most of us ride to CUT expenses, reduce cars on the roads, enjoy being driven and avoiding traffic jams. When we see the outrageous salaries paid and lack of control on expenses, simlpy raising rates won't fix the budget problems. Look inside your organization, get the state funds released and STAY OUT OF THE RIDERS' WALLETS!

    • Leslie Essien DECATUR, GA
      • over 3 years ago

      Marta's budget should not be balanced on the burdened backs of the poor. I have confidence that the board consists of sharp, creative, resourceful and well connected folk who can find ways to get the funds they need from state government, and adjustments to the budget that will be less oppressive to the poor, that will not limit the assistance non-profits can provide to the poor and working poor, and will not further exacerbate job loss, and economic hardship of people who are unemployed, looking for work or struggling to get to work on minimum wage jobs.

    • barnali agrawal ROSWELL, GA
      • over 3 years ago

      Please dont increase the marta expence for people.

      Who use most of them dont have car to efford.

      It will effect us to servive.

    • Yvonne Allison ATLANTA, GA
      • over 3 years ago

      The state legislature needs to release the additional funds that MARTA needs to operate. The funds that were used to purchase those expensive gas guzzlers (GRTA, XPRESS) should have been given to MARTA for it's operation.

    • dianne mathiowetz ATLANTA, GA
      • over 3 years ago

      Please don't add to the economic hardships of current MARTA riders. Why don't you reduce fares and fill up the buses and trains with more riders.


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