Tell Major Food Companies to Reject GE Alfalfa
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Tell Major Food Companies to Reject GE Alfalfa

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      Institute for Responsible Technology

We’re angry! MILLIONS of us are angry and outraged at the approval of GM alfalfa. And on top of that, the USDA also did an end-run around the courts to keep GM sugar beets growing, AND approved a GM corn used for ethanol.

So what do we do? Surrender? Never!

Before I propose a way forward, I want to share a victory you may have missed in the first paragraph. I said MILLIONS. That’s right, there are millions of us. And you can hear our frustration flying around in blogs, emails, press reports, petitions, etc. Do you remember the reaction just four years ago when GM sugar beets were approved for sale? There was nothing close to this response. It was hardly a blip. Where we have come in just a few years is a cause for celebration. And an unprecedented opportunity to throw our new weight around.

Within the first six months of last year, we witnessed more people in the US than ever before enthusiastically getting the word out about the dangers of GMOs.
This was in part due to the huge internet distribution channels that have been getting articles and videos out to MILLIONS every month. (Thank you all!) And then there was the high profile media coverage of GE salmon and the sugar beet and alfalfa court cases.

In spite of their bitter outcomes at the hands of the USDA, the prolonged alfalfa and sugar beet fights actually helped elevate GMOs on our personal and national radar screens.

And now with MILLIONS of us grasping the significance and devastating loss of yet another crop, we have the components in place for a national revolution. We have the knowledge, the emotion, the network, and the profound injustice. Now we need an action plan. Enter Alfalfa: Plan B.

It’s time to use our collective power to move the market directly. It’s time we let the food companies know that we have new healthier criteria if they want to keep us as customers. And front and center in those new criteria is to commit to no GM alfalfa in their supply chain (which is used as animal feed, particularly to dairy cows).

This is our moment! Send a letter to dozens of dairies and food companies simultaneously. Let them know how strong we feel and how MILLIONS strong we are. When they get the message about the coming non-GMO tipping point, they’ll realize it’s time to remove all GM ingredients, not just alfalfa.

Share this revolution with your friends, shop using the Non-GMO Shopping Guide, and tell the food companies the truth about GMOs. And for those who want to do even more, you are invited to join a local or national Non-GMO Action Group, to expand our numbers even further!

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    Reasons for signing

    • Suzanna van der Voort MAASTRICHT, NETHERLANDS
      • over 3 years ago

      STOP GM food!!! We don't want them!!

    • vanne hanisch-godoy VICTORIA, AK
      • over 3 years ago


    • Andrea Presler AUSTIN, TX
      • over 3 years ago

      We are informed and we are disgusted with the corporate takeover of our food, our health and our lives. WE WILL PREVAIL with honest and truth. You can no longer lie behind your facade. The curtain is being drawn the corpocracy is being revealed with all of its deceit and flaws. Shame on all of you for perpetuating lies and destruction. I don't know how anyone involved in the corporate takeover can sleep at night. Karma comes back around.

    • Barbara Mrozek SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      Is the bottom line EVERYTHING? Even our health? Europe has been fighting Monsanto and others for decades trying to preserve non-engineered seeds.

    • carolyne morgan MONTGOMERY, TX
      • over 3 years ago

      with the approval of GE corn, almost all corn and corn derived products will be contaminated! Not to mention the few not GE corn on organic farms out there that may have their crops forever contamintated from GE corn pollen from non organic farms. Since almost all corn is GE now, it's probably in several things we eat EVERY DAY, including critters that ate the GE corn before we ate them, including chickens, beef, swine, and basically every farm animal, and even wild life, such as Deer, squirrils, and birds who are fed "birdseed" containing GE corn, and deer "bait" corn. Everything that has "corn syrup" in it, is from GE corn. A corn product is probably in at least one thing you eat for every meal, from kids cereals, to juice "drinks" to taco shells, to ice cream. That's why this is a gazillion $'s business for Monsanto. They patented the GE gene, if it's found in any corn, they can claim it belongs to them, as we'll as putting the "terminator" gene in the GE corn, so corn growers MUST buy more corn seeds from THEM ONLY, securing an income for them forever, while the food web is contaminated forever, and the independant or organic farmers die out as non GE gets harder to find and make a living at. Corn is the #1 feed grain crop, now they have agreed to the contamination of the 2nd feed crop, doubling the chance that everyone is eating GE crop ingriedients one way or another, and doubling Monsanto's hold on America and other countries (where ever the grain goes) crop markets. Monsanto GAVE GE seed to Haiti, after the disaster, and they promptly BURNED IT ALL, so their local crops wouldn't become contaminated with the 'terminator" gene that would spell disaster for them, in their food stores, and in being able to regrow crops, which they wouldn't be able to do because the terminator gene, make the parent plant NOT produce viable seed for seed saving,so this very POOR country would have to BUY more seed from MONSANTO. The country can't afford to buy more seed at whatever price Monsanto sets for it, and they can't grow any crops because no viable seeds could be saved, and the people and food animals would starve! this is legalized OPPRESSION!


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