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Tell Louisiana Lawmakers Enough is Enough

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      Citizens for Legislative Change, America

In a recent News Article:

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It is now harder for sex offenders to live in Lake Charles. During a Wednesday evening meeting, city council members adopted an ordinance aimed at deterring sex offenders from living in Lake Charles.

It changed the steps a convicted sex offender must go through to register in the city. The new law requires a more detailed description of a sex offenders conviction. It also raised the registration fees from $60 to $600, and an additional $200 a year.

Ieyoub, who spearheaded the new ordinance, said when a convicted sex offender runs a notification ad in the newspaper he or she must now include details about what they were convicted of, the age of their victim, the sex of their victim, and any past convictions.

"We're thinking a felon will look at Lake Charles and say, well, this is a little more embarrassing to list all of this information. I don't want to live there," said Ieyoub.

The law will go into place as soon as Mayor Randy Roach signs the ordinance into law. All convicted sex offenders will have to pay the new $600 registration fee. They have 180 days to comply.

( Or face possible jail, fines or prison.. for non compliance}

If you are sick of being persecuted, banished, humiliated and your constitutional rights being trampled, come join our team.

Citizens for Legislative Change, America




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    1. As lawmakers across this nation seek to gain a paycheck by spreading fear and misinformation.. passing laws which harm people.. Americans need to unite to push for Legislative Change.
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