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Tell KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services to get rid of SHPS!

    1. Nicholas Farrow
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      Nicholas Farrow

      Not Provided, KY

Across the State of Kentucky, the disabled, and families of the disabled acting on their behalf, apply for the Michelle P. Waiver to receive essential supports and services that are desperately needed. Upon approval, recipients can receive up to forty hours a week of personal care, supported employment, attendant care, behavioral supports, community living supports, speech, occupational, and physical therapies. Qualifying applicants possess a diagnosis of mental retardation or developmental disability, as determined by doctors, psychologists, and specialists, whose area of expertise is relevant to the specific diagnosis given. An evaluation performed by a local community health center must then be reviewed by a separately contracted agency, to determine if the applicant qualifies for the waiver. Currently, the agency contracted by the State of Kentucky to provide this service is SHPS, or Carewise Health. SHPS/Carewise is a privately owned, for profit, health care and human resources service company, that in addition to providing services to the State of Kentucky Medicaid program, provides services to health plans and insurance companies, pharmacy benefit managers, third party administrators, health and benefits brokers and hospitals. They act as a middle man for the people that need services, and the organizations that provide services. In Kentucky, they employ doctors with no definitive expertise in mental retardation or developmental disability to review the evaluations provided by the local community health centers, and determine the applicant's level of care requirement. This is bad policy that is negatively affecting many families across the state, as disabled citizens that clearly meet all provided guidelines as defined in the Michelle P. Waiver legislation, are being denied supports and services by SHPS. It is insulting and inappropriate for a general practitioner, with only cursory knowledge of the diagnosis' they are reviewing, to assert a determination contradictory to that of a doctor or specialist, who is specifically trained and adept in the relevant field. SHPS' inability to understand and appreciate the subtle complexities of the evaluations they are reviewing is undermining the effectiveness of the Michelle P. Waiver, resulting in an alarmingly high number of denials for children diagnosed with disabilities ranging from Downs Syndrome to Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is time the Cabinet for Health and Family Services finds a new process for reviewing Michelle P. Waiver applications that relieves SHPS of their role, that includes assessors, evaluators, and doctors, knowledgeable in mental retardation and developmental disabilities. To continue delegating this task to incapable, under qualified, profiteering corporations sends a message to disabled citizens across the state, that they are second class and insignificant.

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    • Tracy Smith LEXINGTON, KY
      • about 3 years ago

      Our son was denied back in Jun/July. We have had mistake after mistake from Carwise, they need to be held accountable, please I would love to join in the fight to bring this under some sort of scrutiny and hold someone accountable, please email, and I will let you know what happen to use personally

    • Darlene Harvie HENDERSONVILLE, NC
      • over 3 years ago

      I don't live in Kentucky anymore, but I lived there for 44 years. I am not sure if my signature will be counted, but I want to sign it, so if it's going to start in other states, it can be stopped. I have many family and friends who have children with special needs, disabilities, Downs Syndrome and autism, and this is a very important issue. Thank you.

    • Kimberly Quintela LOUISVILLE, KY
      • over 3 years ago

      My child received the MPW but at recertification one year later was denied - with no change whatsoever in circumstance. I resubmitted the same paperwork as was initially submitted (almost 70 pages of diagnosis information) and the declination was overturned and we received our waiver back. Cole has Down Syndrome, experienced Infantile Spasms (seizures), Reflux, Thyroid problems that are still trying to be brought under control after 6 mos. of treatment. It is hard to understand why we were put through this exercise with so much already on our plate.

      • over 3 years ago

      My oldest son has Autism and regressed horribly while we waited almost a year to get the Michelle P. Waiver. We had a determined case worker who had to contact SHPS several times over weeks because they were taking so long to approve him. They said they did not have his official diagnosis when they had it the whole time. It was just not on the first page of the paperwork. They hadn't looked enough. The psychologist who diagnosed him through First Steps says they do that to her all the time. They can't even interpret an evaluation from someone from First Steps. My youngest son has now been diagnosed with Autism as well. I am absolutely dreading the stress and strain of applying for him/reapplying for my oldest. We have enough to deal with, this shouldn't be this hard. Our children need early intervention as soon as possible for a better chance our society doesn't have to pay for their care for their entire lives.

    • Kristina Blizzard LOUISVILLE, KY
      • over 3 years ago

      Besides being a special needs parent, I also have a special needs parents support group, so I have seen what SHPS has done to several families. The inconsistent way they have been "interpretting" the Michelle P Waiver recertification, & certification criteria has been unfair, & has caused a great deal of havoc, and fear in the affected community. Shame on them & on anyone who has allowed or condoned this fiasco.


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