Tell Kaplan & The Washington Post: Stop Cashing In On Low-Income Students
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Katherine Weymouth
CEO, Kaplan, Inc.
Andrew Rosen
VP of Communications, Kaplan Inc.
Mark Harrad
VP–Communications and External Relations, Washington Post Co.
Rima Calderon
Rima Calderon
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Warren Buffett
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Tell Kaplan & The Washington Post: Stop Cashing In On Low-Income Students

    1. Shannon Croteau Owner of Takenumdown2010
    2. Petition by

      Shannon Croteau Owner of Takenumdown2010

      Merrimack, NH

Kaplan University Online promises convenient college degrees paid for with easy federal aid. But for many students, all they deliver is debt, unethical practices and misleading claims. Who cashes in? The Washington Post Company, which owns the lucrative chain of colleges and lends its stellar reputation to a scam for low-income students. Shannon Croteau was 11 classes away from a degree from Kaplan University Online when she learned she was out of financial aid, owed $30,000 and that the degree would be worthless in her state of New Hampshire. Croteau had been told by Kaplan -- a lucrative chain of "for-profit" colleges owned by the Washington Post Company -- that she could make more than $65,000 a year as a paralegal. Getting financial aid from the government was easy, they said, and earning a degree would be a snap.  "For-profit" colleges like Kaplan and the University of Phoenix target low-income students, promising easy degrees and online courses. Instead, Croteau, and millions of other students, end up victims of an industry that siphoned off more than $4.3 billion dollars of federal student aid in 2008-2009 alone. Few students graduate -- the University of Phoenix's graduation rate is 9 percent. Those who do are often drowning in debt, or find that the lucrative jobs they'd been promised don't exist. Even after an explosive government report uncovered deceptive practices at 16 out of 16 colleges investigated, the for-profit industry - including Washington Post Co. Chairman Donald Graham - denies all wrong-doing and continues to fight government regulation.  A group of former Kaplan University Students are banding together to set the record straight. Led by Shannon Croteau, they're demanding that Graham, and the Washington Post Company, shut down their broken chain of colleges until changes are made. Stand with these former students and demand that Washington Post Chairman Donald Graham commit to shutting down admissions to Kaplan unless meaningful reform happens.

Recent signatures


    1. I have every single comment sent to me

      I have read all comments sent to me on this petition and it breaks my heart and I am going to ask you all to put something together and send it to:
      Thomas Beckerle,
      Institutional Improvement Specialist,
      U.S. Dept of Education Federal Student Aid, School Participation Team-Kansas City,
      8930 Ward Parkway, suite 2028,
      Kansas City, Missouri 64114-3392 ..
      Phone 816-268-0418 .. Fax 816-823-1402
      [email protected]
      Rene D Harrod
      Office of the Attorney General
      Economic Crimes Division
      110 Southeast 6th St
      Ft. Lauderdale Fl 33301
      954-712-4600 Fax: 954-527-3708
      [email protected]

      Let's keep the heat on Kaplan!
      Thank you all for your comments and keep them coming...

    2. Thank You

      Thanks to all of you who have taken the tme to sign this very important petition. With all of you we are moving forward. I will keep you updated.

    3. Thank You To All of You

      We reached 50,000 and now we only need 50,000 more.
      Thank you all for spreading the news,

    4. Reached 50,000 signatures
    5. Still Waiting

      I am still waiting for Tom to give me a decision because he is waiting on a response or proof of something from Kaplan. I am slowly reaching my limit; I will let you all know when I get word of the resolution.

    6. Someone is listening and researching all the complaints by students

      Send your complaints to: Thomas Beckerle, Institutional Improvement Specialist, U.S. Dept of Education Federal Student Aid, School Participation Team-Kansas City, 8930 Ward Parkway, suite 2028, Kansas City, Missouri 64114-3392 ..Phone 816-268-0418 .. Fax 816-823-1402 [email protected]
      Be patient he is getting overloaded and it takes a bit to have your complaint match up to Kaplan's rebuttal. I have been waiting for a little over a month now.
      Let's hope this is the answer!

    7. I am working on a lead

      As soon as I find out if this is beneficial or not I wil share more info. Just know I have never given up on this, even if you do not hear from me.
      Thank You

    8. Please consider signing this petition

      Here is a petition that goes hand in hand with our. Please read it and sign if appropriate.

    9. No News is Not Good News

      Sorry it has been a while since my last update but everything stalled and today I got a call from an ex victim I am close to and they said they wanted to blow off their head & I am so angry that this country let's it go this far...noone is helping.

    10. Kaplan's Say To The Matter

      This, in my opinion, was a half hearted attempt at saving themselves and I feel it tanked and has no "nutritional" value.


    11. I just received this and wanted to share

      From the meeting with Senator Harkin and it sounds like great news to me & I will be there should it get good. Keep all your fingers crossed.

    12. 3 Top Higher-Education Officials Step Down at Kaplan Inc.

      This is a start let's hope it gets the ball rolling.

    13. Hopefully our time is coming......

      I wanted to share this article with you. Progress is slow but I hope it reaches all of us.

    14. Linked With Twitter, Expanding Our Reach For Justice

      Hi Everyone,
      Thanks for all the support, your signatures and comments to this matter. I wanted to let you all know that I have linked us to Twitter to get more exposure to people who need this, media & Politicians.
      Thanks Again,

    15. Does this article make your blood boil like mine?

      Here is an article I received in my inbox today and I think the top of my head blew off. Let me know what you think.

    16. Request for ideas and help on how to start

      I have noticed in the past few weeks a whole new group of Kaplan victims are signing and posting and I can help. I was a student in 2008; I have been fighting them for the very same reasons since Jan 2010.

    17. The Rest of the Regulations Are Coming

      This month is a huge victory month for us; the regulations promised in July will be coming out so look for them..Thanks for all the support...Shannon

    18. Kaplan lay off's in S. Florida

      88 the other day and 60 this week. I think we have made a dent; thank you to all of you who signed and commented here. Feel free to comment at the following link:


    19. Check out the new comments

      There are so many new people who are realizing that they have been wronged by Kaplan and are now posting and speaking out; see if there is something you can add in your experience with these newer victims thanks.

    20. Things Have Been Quiet

      I have not heard a lot since the regulations. I am sure things are quiet because Kaplan is scared, now they can't take from the low income. Keep the signatures coming. Each one ends up in the inbox of the people being petitioned.


    21. Wow Look At The Signatures

      Thanks everyone who has signed as you know the for profit industry is under new regulations and they need to clear up all the defaults and if not they will lose funding, in 4 years, but it is a start. Please continue to send victims to Kaplan to sign. I will do my very best to respond to all comments and if you want to send private info please do in a message. I am going to continue to blog. Shannon

    22. Thank you all for the support to this deeply troubling cause. I know with all of us fighting, the good will win.


    Reasons for signing

    • Rachel Douglas OSSIAN, IN
      • over 2 years ago

      I was a student of Kaplan University and was scammed by them as well.

      • over 2 years ago

      I am signing cause I am dealing with fraud on the part of the school and it's represenatives. I was told my tuition would be $11,400 dollars by admission's rep, I was also told that if I sent in my $45.00 application fee I would not be charged for technology fees, and I still was.

    • Brian Cowell WESTPORT, IN
      • over 2 years ago

      The Washington Post name once stood for something. I guess the name fell down the stairs into the trash of the capitalist colleges world and some of its b

    • Michael McGinley THE COLONY, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      Unfortunately, I have fallen victim as a student of Kaplan University. I could go on and on as to why this horrible institution should be shut down, but here are just a few main points:

      1.) The instructors rarely know anything at all about the subject. I often found myself completely frustrated that I wasn't learning anything.

      2.) Extremely unresponsive. Anytime I needed to get a Kaplan representative on the phone, I was on hold for hours and then dropped the instant I was able to speak with someone.

      3.) Automatic unauthorized registration - I would consistently be registered for classes without any authorization. Of course, when I attempted calling them to correct the situation, I could never get anyone on the phone.

      4.) I know have an insane student loan to pay off for a total crap degree. Employers would rather I not have a degree at all than show that I was dumb enough to pay for a degree from Kaplan. It was the biggest scam and waste of money I have ever paid. This sham of an institution is making money by tacking massive student loans on low-income students with nothing to show for in the end.

    • Kathleen De Froy THE COLONY, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      I've witnessed this school in action - they take the time to sign you up and you can never get in touch with them again. The education they provide is ridiculous. It seems like they just hire random people off the street. A 40,000+ school loan for what? For a piece of paper that people laugh at.


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