Tell ICE: No New Immigrant Detention Center in Karnes Co., Texas!
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Tell ICE: No New Immigrant Detention Center in Karnes Co., Texas!

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The Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has contracted with a private prison company with a history of abuse to build a new immigration detention center in Karnes County, Texas. The center is meant to hold asylum-seekers and other low-level immigration detainees.

Today, more than 33,000 people languish in the U.S.'s vast and troubled immigration detention system, with more than 10,000 immigrant detention beds located in Texas alone.   Despite a mandate for detention reform, ICE has contracted with the GEO Group, a for-profit prison company with a long track record of abuse and mismanagement at their Texas prisons and detention centers, to build this "civil" detention center.

The GEO Group has had a number of contracts in Texas terminated in recent years after serious allegations of abuse and neglect.

New, abusive for-profit detention centers are not the answer! Sign the petition to tell Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano to stop construction of the new detention center in Karnes County, Texas, and to prioritize release and alternatives to detention programs for asylum-seekers and other immigrants.

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    2. Rally in Texas on World Refugee Day!

      "In Austin, Texas, today’s day of awareness will be a day of protest during which a broad coalition of human rights groups will stand against the construction of a new detention center..."

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    5. Texas Families Oppose Massive New Immigration Detention Center

      Civil and immigrant rights activists in Texas are calling on the Department of Homeland Security to halt the construction of a massive new detention center.
      The federal government’s contract with GEO Corporation to build and operate the 600-bed...

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