Tell Greedy Dogswell to stop making their Happy Hips Chicken Breast Treats in China!
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Tell Greedy Dogswell to stop making their Happy Hips Chicken Breast Treats in China!

    1. Lyn Patrick
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      Lyn Patrick

      Santa Fe

Many people may not know that Happy Hips Chicken Breast Strips are made in China and that thousands of dogs have suffered and in many cases fatally! A heartbreaking and on-going epidemic in the pet food industry as 1000's of pets are dying and getting sick from chicken strips made in China. With the FDA unable to test the source in China, it is not possible for them to identify if the meat is tainted and therefore responsible for the deaths of companions in the US. This article from a few days ago details why lawsuits are not being filed:

If lawsuits cannot be filed then we should use this petition to shed light on this injustice. There is tons of information on the internet about people’s dogs getting sick and even dying after eating chicken treats imported from China. I had been purchasing Happy Hips at Whole Foods, Petco and Amazon and assumed because they were in places like Whole Foods that they were healthy and safe…NOT!

I have always fed Pele an organic, high quality diet, but one day she got into a bag of Happy Hips and ate more than just a few treats. You would think that she would have been ok since they are “All Natural”. Dogs can eat practically anything. But shortly after Pele went into Acute Renal Failure and if it had not been for a miracle, she would have certainly died. She survived but now she suffers from endless seizures and with over $5000 in vet bills and counting, I still do not know if she will make it. Happy Hips has turned my vibrant and beautiful 12 year old dog into a shaking pathetic creature who urinates and defecates on herself daily. Not to mention the stress, sadness, exhaustion and anger that has followed our family for months as we fight to keep her alive.

Please join me in the fight against this injustice before more innocent dogs and people are affected by this greed!


Lyn & Pele


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    2. RIP my beautiful Pele, may your death not be in vein.

      Lyn Patrick
      Petition Organizer

      My Pele's fight for her beautiful & precious life ended on Friday, September 14 @ 7:15pm. The toxins from the happy hips were too much on her overall system and even though she survived the Renal Failure, a few months later she started having painful seizures and there was nothing we could do for her but try medications which did not work. In the end even though her body was beautiful and healthy looking we had to have her put down because the extremely painful and horrible seizures had devastated her nervous system, she was blinded, and she was in incredible pain. Before all of this happened she was a healthy vibrant 11 year old puppy that delighted everyone she met. RIP by beautiful Pele my faithful friend and fellow companion upon this earth for 6 years, may your death not be in vein. Keep the path ahead clear for us all for we are coming behind you...someday.

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    • Brenda Pelletier DERRY, NH
      • almost 2 years ago

      We like our pets alive not dead please,i really hate china for many reasons,but this is the 1st on my list,no more please.

    • Heather Griffin PLEASANT HILL, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      This could well have been my dog; I was feeding this stuff to her when I found out about the problems with jerky from China. Please put the lives of our pets before profits!

    • Annette Carricato HARRISBURG, PA
      • about 2 years ago

      If you sell this product, I will boycott your store.

    • Mollie Morrissette WILLITS, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      Because dogs shouldn't have to die for a treat. And I hate Dogswell.

    • reyna trevino NORTHRIDGE, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      Because I also have dogs and I just bought Dogswell All Natural Jerky Bars last night and my dog is at the hospital after getting a seizure ... he has been healthy for 7 yrs with no seizure whatsoever. I feed him nothing but organic food... first time buying treat at grocery store. Im very upset it maybe this product.


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