Tell Governor Perdue: Don't Use Immigration to Keep NC Workers from their Jobs!
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Tell Governor Perdue: Don't Use Immigration to Keep NC Workers from their Jobs!

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Late last week, the NC Senate and House passed HB 36. The bill is now headed to Governor Perdue's desk. Tell her to Veto HB 36 and protect North Carolina workers!


In the past week, the North Carolina House and Senate passed HB 36, which could keep immigrants and nonimmigrants alike from getting a job, exactly what we DON’T need in a time of high unemployment. The bill has nearly reached Governor Bev Perdue for her signature, the final step in the process for it to become law.

The last thing that North Carolina needs is another obstacle between jobs and eligible workers.  But the state’s legislature is proposing to do that just that. 

HB 36 requires the use of the flawed federal E-Verify system. Various studies, including the National Council of La Raza’s (NCLR) Dangerous Business: Implications of an EEVS for Latinos and the U.S. Workforce, have shown that E-Verify incorrectly identifies authorized workers as unauthorized to work, is subject to employer misuse, and relies on error-ridden, outdated databases. 

Contrary to what proponents of the bill have said, the E-Verify program could have great consequences on individual eligible workers and their families, including delays in employment, legal fees, and even job loss. Here’s just one example from testimony given before the U.S. Congress:

A U.S. citizen and former captain in the U.S. Navy with 34 years of service and a history of having maintained high security clearance was flagged by E-Verify as not eligible for employment.  It took him and his wife, an attorney, two months to resolve the discrepancy.

The Immigration Policy Center estimates that up to 104,495 U.S. citizen and lawful immigrant workers in North Carolina could be told they are ineligible to work. Don’t let this happen to North Carolina’s workers! In a time of economic uncertainty, North Carolina cannot afford to play with its families' livelihoods.  

Join NCLR and the Latin American Coalition and sign this petition to Governor Perdue asking her to veto this harmful bill.

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    • Angela Mughal HIGH POINT, NC
      • over 3 years ago

      Please veto this law. The Hispanics come here only for a better life. We as Americans offer freedom. What happened to that? I feel US is becoming racist. North Carolina has taken away the right to drivers license to hispanics, once the hispanics owned a vehicle, had legal registration and insurance, and proof of identity. Now we have people in vehicles with stolen tags, no insurance and when stopped by police we don't know who they are. This is what North Carolina is all about. This really needs to stop. Let the Hispanics be. All they want to do is live. They work, and work hard. As my brother used to say before he passed. He would only hire hispanics, never an american. Americans are greedy and lazy. The hispanics don't care what the job is they work, and for less money. They spend alot of money in the US also. Let's not forget that. What we Americans can't afford, they buy. I think the hispanics being here in the US helps the economy. Now lets talk about they're families. If you take them out of work. What about they're families, they're homes. Don't we already have enough hungry and homeless here in North Carolina and the US. By allowing this law, you are contributing to the numbers of homeless and hungry increasing. Can you sleep at nights knowing you are causing this increase. There will be small children affected by this also. Keep that in mind. You know the United States use to be something to be proud of. We stood for land of the free. In the past, racism was an issue against blacks. Now in the 20th century, I see the US is not the land of the free, and racism has come back, not against the blacks, but against the hispanics. US should be ashamed of itself. I was born and raised here. I am a white american, and I can honestly say US shame on you. I am truly disappointed in my country. Now I am disappointed in North Carolina also. Shame on Bev. Purdue

    • Mark Fagerlin HENDERSONVILLE, NC
      • over 3 years ago

      There are better solutions to the immigration problem and the US Congress should be ashamed for not pursuing them.

    • Victoria Block NEW BERN, NC
      • over 3 years ago

      Hello, Governor Perdue,

      I am an immigration attorney here in New Bern and am married to Jim Gruenebaum.

      Please veto the E-verify bill passed last week! I just finished reviewing an INDEPENDENT study of the program, which found that 54% of determinations about undocumented workers are incorrect. Yes, that is 54%! This may make the legislators feel better, but would be a travesty for employers and employees. Please veto this!

      Victoria Block

      • over 3 years ago

      Dear Governor: Please don't allow more travesty

      to the Hispanics ( by the Republicans)

      My son Michael De mayo and I are you best admires for holding the line protecting the most volnerable citiezens. Compassion was always

      the democrats way. God bless you marie E De Mayo

    • Monserrat Uribe-Leon RALEIGH, NC
      • over 3 years ago

      Dear Govnernor Perdue,

      You cannot possibly support this. This bill can and will affect the economy of North Carolina. Who will do the cheap labor no one is willing to do? Like work in construction under the hot blistering heat and the skin piercing cold. Who will clean public bathrooms? Who said immigrants are any different from US citizens?


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