Tell Gov. Cuomo: Say NO to Fracking and YES to a Green Economy
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Tell Gov. Cuomo: Say NO to Fracking and YES to a Green Economy

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Governor Cuomo wants to frack in our backyard. So, we’re going to build the green economy in his.
-The Green Umbrella: NY Youth for a Just and Sustainable Future

New York State officials are making plans to allow dangerous hydraulic fracturing across a wide area of the state, putting the water, health, climate, and the economy of millions of New Yorkers at risk, all for the dirty profits of Big Oil and Big Gas.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has the power to stop this. Send a message to Gov. Cuomo that the people of New York and the whole country demand a ban on fracking.

Stopping fracking in New York State has never been more important. The fight against dirty energy locally is the fight for a stable climate globally. If New York bans fracking, it will be a huge win for grassroots efforts everywhere.

Momentum is building in the fight for clean energy, but the looming decision on fracking in New York threatens our progress. That’s why this weekend, April 27-30, young people from across the region will converge in Albany for Power Shift New York to demonstrate loud and clear to Governor Cuomo that youth voters demand a ban on fracking. 

In NY, and around the country, young people are saying “yes” to the green economy and “no” to the unsustainable option of of a future powered by fossil fuels. We’re taking action to make our voices heard, and our choice is clear: Build the Green Economy. The country is waking up to the dangers of fracking and citizens are mobilizing for action from Ohio to Colorado, from Wyoming to Pennsylvania. 

We’re not waiting around for our future to be handed to us. We’re active and we’re voting. We will take to the streets, legislators’ offices, and come election day we will be standing in line to carry our message forward at the ballot box. In 2008 youth voters turned out in unprecedented numbers not only on election day, but in campaign offices making phone calls, handing out yard signs, and signing up their friends to vote on election day.

As a politician with national ambitions, Governor Cuomo needs to know that we all stand with the young people of New York State against fracking. Send a message to Governor Cuomo: It is your time to make the right choice. The choice is clear. Join us.

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    2. DAY 1: Josh Fox & Bill McKibben Lay Out Why Power Shifting NY Is Critical

      Power Shift New York kicked-off last night, and it was incredible! Co-hosted by Occupy Albany, we had incredible speakers and activists set the stage for the weekend, including Josh Fox of Gasland, Bill McKibben of, Wenonah Hauter of Food & Water Watch, and Josh Kahn Russell of the Tar Sands Action and more!

      Bill McKibben underscored the importance of this summit, telling the crowd: "The Adirondacks are one of the most magical places in the country. We must stop fracking in New York to protect our water, our climate, our future."

      We're only 20 away from reaching 1,500 signatures on our petition to Gov. Cuomo! Every additional signature is giving more confidence and momentum to the organizers gathered in Albany this weekend. Please share the petition on Facebook and Twitter to help keep it going!

      Check out the link below for photos and more from the kick-off of Power Shift New York, and follow @NYGreenUmbrella, @EnergyAction, and #PowerShift on twitter for updates!

    3. Reached 1,000 signatures


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    • Jennifer Trested MINEOLA, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      Please stop fracking in NY! As a parent and a taxpayer, I am very concerned with the environment. Fracking is dangerous to our environmental stability and threatens to destroy what little is left of a clean world.

      • over 2 years ago

      Vertel gov Cuomo: Zeggen nee tegen Fracking en ja tegen een groene economie

    • Todd Crames STERLING, VA
      • over 2 years ago

      Please stop the oil companies from destroying our oceans, waters, lands and world. I really want our children to be able to exist here.

    • Hadley Littell BENSALEM, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      I'm in PA and don't like fracking here either. Go solar and don't pollute our water and hack our environment!

    • Cesar Estela ASTORIA, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      I don't want to have polluted waters. I don't want have to buy water to just have soup, coffee or tea in my house. I don't want NY water to be flamable!!


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