Privatizing Arizona's Prisons is Too Costly
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Privatizing Arizona's Prisons is Too Costly

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The Arizona state legislature recently approved a compromise budget negotiated with Gov. Jan Brewer. The budget will:

• Fund 500 state-run maximum security prison beds the state does not need.
• Fund 1,000 private prison beds the state does not need.
• Pay for these prison beds by using $50 million from a mortgage settlement that was intended to provide relief for victims of the foreclosure crisis.
• Block future studies on the quality and cost of public vs. private prisons in Arizona.

Private prisons in Arizona cost millions more than equivalent state-operated prison units. And prison privatization efforts are happening nationwide because the companies getting rich off of these institutions are falsely claiming that states can save money by privatizing their prisons. In fact, there is no evidence that private prisons save money or improve outcomes, but there are many reasons they are a big step in the wrong direction.

Arizona is only special because we have a chance to turn back a major attempt by private prison companies to expand their reach.

Take action now. Tell Gov. Brewer you want Arizona to become a positive example for the country, not another example of unaccountable corporate greed.

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    • Michael Rodriguez CHANDLER, AZ
      • about 2 years ago

      Privatizing the prison systems costs more & the prison lobbies are out of control.

    • Bernard Cannon WILLIAMSBURG, VA
      • over 2 years ago

      Gov. Brewer, I'm signing this petition because I am a currently displaced Arizonan who will be back in AZ in a few years.

      There are a great number of crazy things already going on in AZ and wasting money on prisons only adds to the problem.

    • Carolyn Cooper TEMPE, AZ
      • over 2 years ago

      This is obscene and immoral. Gov Brewer has no business using her office to line her own pockets at the taxpayers expense.

    • Mike Shipley PHOENIX, AZ
      • over 2 years ago

      If the government has any say in this, it's not "privatizing" anyway ... what it amounts to is a consolidating of power by the prison-industrial complex. Most of those locked up can be considered political prisoners of the Drug War and other violations of our rights. We need to set these people free before they are brutalized physically, or develop mental health issues, and REPEAL laws which perpetuate injustice rather than writing more of them.

    • Beatriz Ferreira LAS CRUCES NM, NM
      • over 2 years ago

      To promote economic equalization of our world realizing that we are all connected as one global family!! We need to address the root of our societal problems, and re-program the minds of those making poor choices, not lock them up and then wait for the same problem to be released back into our community! Resources need to be used more education, not encarceration!!


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