Tell Got Milk to End its Sexist “PMS” Ad Campaign
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Tell Got Milk to End its Sexist “PMS” Ad Campaign

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      Ms. Magazine

The California Milk Processor Board--the group behind Got Milk and the famous milk mustache series--revealed their next mass campaign yesterday. Centered on the claim that milk helps reduce PMS symptoms, the “Everything I Do is Wrong” campaign features a website for men on how to deal with their crazed, menstruating women. The website features a “vocabulary sensitizer,” “”puppy dog eye-ser” and “PMS rating index.” There are also a series of print ads showing men clutching cartons of milk, apologizing to their enraged girlfriends and wives for things they “did and did not do” and “not reading between the right lines.”

The entire campaign is overwhelmingly sexist, playing on the tired stereotype of menstruating women as volatile monsters. It also supports the condescending idea that any angry woman can be talked down with puppies and glossy compliments. We're asking the California Milk Processer Board to end this insulting campaign.

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    1. Victory! Got Milk Ends Sexist PMS Ad Campaign Early Amid Public Outcry

      After receiving a flood of angry feedback, including emails from over 8,000 members, Got Milk has decided to suspend their sexist "PMS" ad campaign.
      Last week, Got Milk released a new ad series targeting men who evidently suffer greatly...

    2. Victory! California Milk Board Pulls PMS Campaign

      We're happy the campaign was shut down, but we're still waiting for a real apology.

    3. Reached 9,000 signatures
    4. Ms. Blog: Why the Sexist Milk Campaign is Bad for Men, too

      Leah Berkenwald writes on the Ms. Blog: "If Milk’s women are overly emotional, irrational and angry, its men are oafish, dumb, submissive and insincere."

    5. Reached 1,500 signatures
    6. 'The Daily' Columnist Gives a Thumbs Down to PMS Campaign

      Jessica Valenti: "Making fun of women’s menstruation and PMS is hardly a revolutionary concept in advertising."

    7. Nothing Like An Ice Cold Glass of Sexism

      Ms. Magazine breaks down why Got Milk's new PMS campaign should be called, "Got Sexism?"

    8. Reached 1,000 signatures


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    • Brian Seymour CRESCENT CITY, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      I want to express my thanks to the misguided marketing department of the California Milk Processors Board, for it has helped me to make up my mind. I have been thinking for some time of publishing an essay condemning the promotion of cow's milk -- a food meant for calves, not people -- which does a lot of bodies more harm than good even when not contaminated with a baker's dozen suspect adulterants. I have so far let this pass in favor of addressing still more acute threats to public health, but now the CMPB has forced my hand by using an appeal to bigotry and stereotype to advertise its already dubious product.

      Meanwhile, I will summarize here the message that will soon appear on Milk is not an efficient or digestible source of nutrients, and any purported benefits it offers are also available from a wide range of far more healthful sources. It has been made a cultural icon solely through its long-uncontested presentation of itself as a wonder food -- abetted by government regulators who should be overseeing, not overlooking, the sometimes detrimental operations of the food industry -- leaving millions of misguided Americans with the mistaken notion that they should be guzzling it by the gallon. The reality, as those who've examined the issue well know, is far less sanguine: Milk is not only hard to digest at best (and impossible for many), but it is also a cause and excitant of numerous allergies and sensitivities; it is laden with saturated animal fat; and the proteins it contains, although plentiful, are ill-adapted to human metabolization. And all of this is before it's tainted with antibiotics, growth hormones and other adulterants whose cumulative effects range from simply unknown to actively harmful.

      Milk: It does a calf's body good -- yours, not so much.

      • over 3 years ago

      You have got to be kidding... this is the most ridiculous piece of crap ad I've seen in a long time. TAKE IT OFF, NOW, it's demeaning to women and men.

    • Teresa Kelleher TAYLOR, AZ
      • over 3 years ago

      Dear Got Milk? folks, I have loved your ads in the past. I drink lots of milk, too. As a 57-year-old woman who has been married for 33 years and who has taught high school and college for 27 years, I am appalled at your PMS-centric ads. Take them away. Get rid of them. Yes, women have hormonal cycles. Men do too. Why we insist on pointing out those of women while ignoring those of men, I do not know. Let's keep the "put-down-women" slogans and ads off the air and out of the media. Thanks. Teresa Kelleher

    • Blaise Gauba TORRANCE, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      Stupid, misleading, sexist, American Dairy Association...pigs, morons, societal retards! Thank goodness I was smart enough to stop buying unhealthy dairy products two decades ago! Just the SMELL of milk grosses me out now. As a teenager I remember guzzling the stuff, not knowing that I could have been getting a hell of a lot more usable calcium and protein from plant based sources. But we are not so smart in our youth. Plus, in our youth, we tend to get caught up in these extremely misleading, misinforming and disinformation corporate propaganda ad campaigns. Corporations have really become massive, greedy, corrupt and vicious vampires that suck the life blood from the public at large. Their lobbying power in Washington, D.C. and in our state capitols is totally out-of-control!!!!! I promise...I will NEVER purchase ANY dairy product or ANY product that even contains a micron of dairy in it ever again! 7-21-2011 4:47 PM

    • Airotciv Goaway NEW YORK, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      If this world were more sexist in favor of women, the ad would probably be equally as stupid, except about sperm. "Give milk to your man, and his sperm will make him more verile 24/7"! The fool who is ignoring criticism is using the "mass ignorance" excuse. Hence his excuse "tools for the mass.." oh yeah, they're your tools, alright. PMS is a MYTH. In fact, there's a "male version" of PMS if you'd like to get into THAT topic. Why aren't there "cures" for those, huh?!


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