Tell Giant Food to Stop Being a Charity-Banning Grinch!
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Tell Giant Food to Stop Being a Charity-Banning Grinch!

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Tis the season for Salvation Army bell-ringers to hit street corners collecting donations for the underprivileged. The Grinch this year is Giant Food, a major grocery chain in D.C., which is limiting when and for how long charities can solicit shoppers.

Giant Food has declared that bell-ringers can stand outside its automatic doors just 12 days over the course of November and December combined. On those six days, they are welcome for just four hours.

A Giant spokesman said the new restrictions were enacted, "In order to best serve our customers, and not hinder their shopping experience." What are the odds their customers are all named Ebenezer Scrooge?

The decreased collection time will put a major crimp in the local Salvation Army's plan to raise $1.6 million over the holidays to help 33,000 people. Last year, a full half of their $1.3 million haul came from Giant Food shoppers.

Tell Giant to get into the holiday spirit by allowing charity collections!

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      Washington Post: Why restrict Salvation Army's fundraising efforts at Giant stores?


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