Tell Georgia State Rep. Tom Weldon to Respect Medical Privacy
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Tell Georgia State Rep. Tom Weldon to Respect Medical Privacy

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The rights of U.S. citizens have been continually eroded in the name of the “war on drugs.” Now Georgia state Rep. Tom Weldon (R) wants to do away with his constituents' right to medical privacy – for the sake of the children, of course.

Speaking before the Dalton-Whitfield Chamber of Commerce, Weldon recently proposed that law enforcement be allowed to access a database containing the names of people in the state who are receiving prescription drugs, as well as over-the-counter medications that could potentially be used to manufacture methamphetamines.

“We don’t have a searchable database that sheriffs and law enforcement can go in and see who has been buying meth products and who has been buying an excessive amount of pills,” Weldon noted, saying he plans to introduce a bill that would allow police to access such a database without so much as first obtaining a warrant.

The U.S. Constitution recognizes every American's right to be protected against unreasonable searches and seizures, requiring that probable cause – and a warrant – be issued before law enforcement can start digging through one's documents, including medical records.

Remind Rep. Weldon that the war on drugs doesn't justify violating his constituents' rights. And tell him to drop his plan to eviscerate Georgians' medial privacy.

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      The war on drugs has been a miserable failure, with prohibition doing little more than boosting the black market profits that have helped fuel an increasingly violent drug trade. But politicians, notoriously willing to admit mistakes and adjust...


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