Tell Georgia School: Don't Reward Bullies For Anti-Gay Taunts
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Tell Georgia School: Don't Reward Bullies For Anti-Gay Taunts

    1. Carol Scott
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      Carol Scott

      San Francisco, CA

On December 7, in Fayette County, Georgia, a 16-year-old Whitewater High School student was arrested for making threats after being bullied and harassed by fellow students on the way home from school. The student, a sophomore, is accused of lashing back at bullies on the bus by saying he was going to "shoot up the school Columbine style." He's been suspended for 10 days and charged on counts of making terrorist threats. Authorities have found no weapons or evidence at his home.

School officials sent a note home with students, and the news made the local media. But what hasn't happened at Whitewater High? Any public statement critical of anti-gay bullying, or any move made to discipline the classmates who targeted this boy with cruel anti-gay taunts. While the student who retaliated against anti-gay bullying is banned from school, the bullies can freely attend classes.

By punishing the victim, but not the bully, Whitewater High School is contributing to the problem of anti-gay bullying in American schools. Threats of violence should always be taken seriously with student and community safety in mind. So should taunting based on race, sexuality, gender and creed.

Tell school administrators at Whitewater High School to adapt a zero tolerance bullying policy, one that is inclusive of actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. All students deserve a safe place to go to school. 

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    2. Georgia School Punishes Victim Of Anti-Gay Bullying Instead Of Bullies

      Carol Scott
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      Threatening to bring a gun to school is never okay. But when it comes as a reaction to cruel anti-gay taunts, schools shouldn't punish the bullies' target and let the bullies get off scot-free.
      In Fayette County, Georgia, a 16-year-old Whitewater...


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