Tell Georgia's Code Enforcement Officers: Don't Fine Urban Gardeners
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Tell Georgia's Code Enforcement Officers: Don't Fine Urban Gardeners

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For nearly 15 years, Steve Miller's grown organic veggies on his two-acre property in Clarkston, Georgia. But this past January, DeKalb County Code Enforcement officials cited Miller, saying his property wasn't properly zoned for that many vegetables and that he had unpermitted workers. Miller put his urban garden on a hiatus this summer as he got his property rezoned. Despite Miller's compliance, the county is still suing Miller, who faces up to $5,000 in fines.

An urban garden promotes ecologically friendly growing practices, cuts back on carbon emissions from food miles, boosts a community's health, and ensures food security. Folks like Miller shouldn't be fined, but rather lauded as model citizens.

Take action now, and sign our petition asking DeKalb County officials to stop suing Miller, remove the fines, and allow him to continue gardening.

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