Tell Georgia Regents to Repeal Ban on Undocumented Students
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Tell Georgia Regents to Repeal Ban on Undocumented Students

    1. Prerna Lal
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      Prerna Lal

      San Francisco, CA

Education officials in Georgia voted last week to bar undocumented students from attending the state's five most selective public colleges, becoming only the third state after South Carolina and North Carolina to adopt such a measure. 

A whopping 29 students attending these universities are likely to be undocumented. A grand 29 students are providing such touch competition to hypothetical American citizens that the Georgia Regents fear that the 29 citizen students are not getting the education they deserve. To rectify the problem, lets ban qualified students from school. Bravo.

It's unfortunate that those entrusted with improving access to higher education in Georgia are taking the view that excluding certain students is the way to serve the state better.

This new policy does not make any sense. If there's not enough space for equally qualified students, bring in another chair. If that doesn't help, build another school. At the end of the day, education is an investment.

The ban is only the first step. Republican senators are expected to introduce more anti-immigrant measures in the next legislative session.

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    1. Tell Georgia Regents to Repeal Ban on Undocumented Students

      Alex DiBranco
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      Congratulations to the deep South state of Georgia. As predicted, the public university regents decided to go ahead with a ban on undocumented students at the state's five most selective public colleges last week.
      The policy was approved by the Board...


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