Tell Georgia Football Association: Denounce Coach's Racist Facebook Rants
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Tell Georgia Football Association: Denounce Coach's Racist Facebook Rants

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      Carol Scott

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Frank Samuelson, who coaches 10-year-olds for the Brookwood Football Association in suburban Atlanta, Georgia, is a popular role model for youth. Unfortunately, he's also fond of putting racist rants up on his Facebook page, targeting "fishheads," "illegals," "Beaners" and using other derogatory names for ethnic minorities and women. Since parents of the racially diverse football association found this out, they've been printing out and distributing copies of his damaging remarks and calling for action to be taken.

Parents say that the football association hasn't appropriately disciplined Samuelson, and that the association isn't taking parents' concerns seriously. They say that someone who coaches youth football shouldn't be sharing these ignorant, prejudiced comments on Facebook with everyone in his network. A youth football coach is an educator, and it's obvious that this man has neither the tolerance, nor the basic smarts about what's private and what's not, to be a good role model for children.

Add pressure to the Brookwood Football Association to take a stand against racism. Tell them in this petition to speak out publicly against Samuelson's behavior and to take appropriate action, agreed to by board members and parents.

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      Carol Scott
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      You know that awkward second cousin who shows up at the family reunion, has one Budweiser too many and then starts making cringe-worthy jokes? Jokes like calling south Asians "Red Dots," Hispanics "Beaners," and mocking women and other ethnic groups?...


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