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Tell Forbes Magazine: Change Northeastern's Ranking

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      Matthew Slutsky

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Northeastern University, one of America's best up-and-coming universities, was recently given an incredibly low ranking by Forbes Magazine as part of their "America's Top Colleges" annual rankings.

Northeastern has been ranked as high as 69th in country by U.S. News and World Report which begs the question: how did Forbes get things so wrong?

As has been reported by the Boston Globe, Forbes did not take into account the fact that Northeastern has a five year co-op program which is why such a large proportion of students don't finish within the typical four-year timeframe. However, this is not a liability. The reason Northeastern ranks so high in terms of post-graduate job placement is because the co-op program works and Northeastern should not be penalized for this by Forbes.

Northeastern spokesman Michael Armini recently told the Globe, "The Forbes ranking is deeply flawed because it turns Northeastern’s greatest strength, [the] co-op, into a weakness."

I agree and would appreciate if my fellow Huskies would tell Forbes to change its deeply flawed ranking and elevate our alma mater in their 2011 rankins!

Northeastern deserves better and we demand that Forbes makes this change, now.

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