Tell Food Lion to Pull the Plug on 3GTv
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Tell Food Lion to Pull the Plug on 3GTv

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      Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

This fall, Food Lion supermarkets will unleash 3GTv, mini-televisions attached to grocery store shelves running continuous commercials -- right next to the product being advertised.  If a test run in Maryland and Virginia is successful, other supermarkets are sure to follow Food Lion’s lead.  That's why, no matter where you live or shop, Food Lion needs to hear from you.

Do you agree that families have a right to grocery shop without be forced to run a gauntlet of screens blasting commercials in every aisle?  Take a moment to tell Food Lion executive Carol Herndon to pull the plug on its grocery store TVs.

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    • Justus Justus VIASNTSGBGFYZVY, ND
      • about 3 years ago

      You are so awesome for helping me solve this mstyery.

    • Latricia Latricia QWSAHNBCN, WA
      • about 3 years ago

      I am toaltly wowed and prepared to take the next step now.

    • Kent Schisler LOS ANGELES, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      "Nobody cares how much you know, until, they know how much you care!"

    • Sandra Caplan HEMET, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      When I was growing up 50 + years ago, my mother went grocery shopping on Saturday mornings when my father could stay home with the children. At that time, all we had on the grocery store aisles was breakfast cereals loaded with trinkets and offers for spoons and such things if we taped a quarter to an index card and sent it in to the company.

      Now, children and their parents are bombarded at very turn of the bend. As a school teacher, I witness on a daily basis the sad results of this constant badgering of our children and of their parents.

      I urge you to pull the plug on grocery store TVs.

    • Pamela Stowe AUBURN, ME
      • over 3 years ago

      Advertising is creeping into the school system via the back door. Products are getting free exposure to very impressionable children, this is drop dead wrong! Parents let's stop this 5th Avenue March on our children.


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