Tell Facebook to Add "Issues I am Passionate About" to Profile Info
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Tell Facebook to Add "Issues I am Passionate About" to Profile Info

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Facebook can help end the stigmatism that being passionate about something isn’t cool or socially acceptable.

Alongside "Favorite Movies" and "People Who Inspire Me", tell Facebook to add an "Issues I Am Passionate About" section to your profile info, where you can show support for and spread the word about the causes you care about most.

There are already many “Groups” that pertain to issues and causes, but because they are categorically lumped in with Groups such as “I Love Cheese” on your profile info, the ability to maximize their impact has been impeded. Creating a separate, distinct "Issues" network will draw a more focused attention to the idea that becoming passionate about an issue is an important and rewarding social function.

This network would serve as a more effective and transparent version of the “Causes” application that Facebook uses currently. Out of the enormous Facebook population, a relatively small percentage is active in the Causes community. This number could be significantly increased if the network functioned inside of Facebook, as opposed to as an app. Having the "Issues" network function as a normal part of Facebook (where users can “like” Issues just as they “like” Movies) would add the transparency needed to boost activity and interest in this meaningful area. As more and more “Issue” activity floods newsfeeds, perhaps more people will become inspired to take up a passion of their own, seeing that all their friends are doing it.

How It Will Work:

Each “Issue” page would contain: a description of the issue, including who it affects, its level of severity, etc.; a list of the personal and organizational leaders combating the issue; how to help and how to get involved; books, movies and songs concerning the issue. Each page would function like a Wikipedia article, in that any user passionate and knowledgeable about a specific issue could add information to its page, subject to review by a committee at Facebook. However, a user would have to list their experience and qualifications in relation to the issue in order for their additions to be considered valid. But of course, any Facebook user can “like” and interact with the page and send this activity to countless newsfeeds, thereby raising awareness exponentially.

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