Tell Etsy to Remove Rape Congratulations Cards from Website
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Tell Etsy to Remove Rape Congratulations Cards from Website

    1. Roxann MtJoy
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      Roxann MtJoy

      Mount Vernon, NY

January 2011


When members began calling on Etsy to remove an offensive "rape congratulations" card from the site, the company protested that they had no responsibility to address this type of content under their terms of use. But by the time 17,000 members had signed the petition, which also denounced cards mocking breast cancer and Down Syndrome, the pressure and media attention focused on the company caused a sudden change in tune.

Not only did Etsy remove the cards being condemned, it changed its terms of use policy to prohibit products that disparage or promote hate against people based on gender, sexual orientation, and disabilities. This ensures that similar items do not pop up on the site unchecked in the future -- and that Etsy can never again claim to lack responsibility over the content of their virtual shelves.

"Congratulations. You Got Bad Touched."

That's the message printed on cards for sale on Etsy, an online marketplace for handmade and vintage items. The cards currently sell for $2.50 each and are made by a person using the name "youstupibitch." I kid you not.

So, what exactly are you getting for your two and a half dollars? An offensive card featuring a drawing of a naked sexual assault victim curled up on the floor of a shower stall, "printed on heavy duty white cardstock" complete with "red accents and matching envelope." 

Etsy's official policy is to take no responsibility for the products sold on its site. Etsy's official Terms of Use state that it  "has no control over the quality, safety, morality or legality of any aspect of the items listed." However, in the list of prohibited items, Etsy says that it does not allow items that harass others or that are deemed obscene.

 Ask Etsy to remove this card from their website and send a message that this type of product is unwelcome on their website. 

UPDATE: The same user on Etsy also sells cards that "congratulate" breast cancer patients and mock mothers of special needs children. Tell Etsy to remove all of these cards ASAP!

Photo credit: Charles & Hudson

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    1. Victory! Etsy Removes Rape Congratulations Cards

      Alex DiBranco
      Petition Organizer

      Ladies and gentleman, we have a victory! Just under two months after I began covering the controversial rape congratulations card for sale online at Etsy, the card (as well as the ones mocking breast cancer and Down Syndrome) has finally been...


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