Tell EPA: Protect Pets and Kids from Poisonous Flea Collars
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Tell EPA: Protect Pets and Kids from Poisonous Flea Collars

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In California, 18 pet product retailers and manufacturers agreed, as part of a lawsuit settlement, to add a warning label to flea and tick collars clearly stating: "This product contains propoxur, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer."

But propoxur doesn't stop being toxic once you cross state lines.

The Natural Resources Defense Council found high levels of propoxur -- which is not only a carcinogen, but can cause damage to the brain and nervous system -- on the fur of pets after using ordinary flea collars.

Pets are in danger of ingesting toxic chemicals on their fur, as they frequently lick their coats. It also puts family members in danger, especially children who are prone to putting their hands in their mouths after petting the dog.

The Environmental Protection Agency's own risk assessment of flea collars confirms the NRDC's conclusion: these products pose unacceptably high risks.

The NRDC petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency to remove propoxur from flea collars nationwide, but the EPA hasn't acted yet. While California consumers now have fair warning about propoxur, the rest of the country's pets are still at risk. 

Killing off fleas and ticks shouldn't also mean endangering your pet's life. Ask the EPA to protect pets and families by taking propoxur off the market.


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