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Tell Edison International CEO: Don’t gamble our safety or money on crippled nuclear reactors.
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CEO, Edison International
Ted Craver

Tell Edison International CEO: Don’t gamble our safety or money on crippled nuclear reactors.

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June 2013


We won! The nuclear reactors at San Onofre are shutting down, permanently. We got word on June 7, 2013 that the utility, Southern California Edison, agreed to shutter the plant, allowing the more than eight million Californians who live every day with the risk of a nuclear accident to breathe a sigh of relief.

The San Onofre nuclear reactors run by Southern California Edison, a subsidiary of Edison International, pose a significant threat to the safety of Californians. The reactors have been shut down since January following a tube failure that released radiation. Subsequent investigations have shown that nearly brand-new steam generators in both reactors have unprecedented levels of damage – damage that could have resulted in a  massive release of radiation.

Edison International’s CEO, Ted Craver, once said that if and when to restart the San Onofre nuclear reactors would be the biggest decision he makes as CEO. Send him your note today urging him to make the right decision – Protect Southern California and keep the San Onofre reactors shut down.

Sign the petition: Urge Ted Craver to do the right thing for our safety and the economic health of Southern California. 


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    • Patrick Sluyter RIVERSIDE, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      the high possibility of release of radiation would kill me and my friends as we surf out there lots.


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