Tell Dunkin' Donuts: We Want Soymilk and Other Vegan Options
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Tell Dunkin' Donuts: We Want Soymilk and Other Vegan Options

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      Annie Hartnett


Dunkin' Donuts isn't a friendly place for vegans. All Dunkin' Donuts donuts contain dairy and eggs, and only a handful of stores offer soymilk. 

In 2009, Compassion Over Killing exposed the cruelty occurring at a Dunkin' Donuts egg supplier. The hens that appeared in the video were kept in horrendous conditions, unable to eat or drink. Live hens were kept with dead and decomposing birds.

Dunkin' Donuts responded to COK's campaign that the company was looking into cage-free egg options.  

As well as cage-free eggs used in all products, sign the petition to request that Dunkin' Donuts offer vegan options that contain no animal products at all. 

Photo Credit: Consumerist

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