Tell Denver City Council: All Service Dogs Deserve Equal Access
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Tell Denver City Council: All Service Dogs Deserve Equal Access

    1. Ledy VanKavage
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      Ledy VanKavage

      Collinsville, IL

The U.S. Department of Justice issued a new rule in July stating that cities cannot discriminate against the disabled and their service dogs simply because of the dog's breed. You can't stop a disabled citizen on the border of a municipality and tell them they can't come in because they have the wrong breed of service dog.

Denver, CO, has a breed discriminatory law that bans all "pit bulls" from the city, including service dogs. Their breed specific legislation has proven to be costly and ineffective, and now it's also illegal.

The nine city council members who voted to ignore the federal ruling and continue discriminating against dogs don't seem to care. 

They don't seem to care that they are refusing equal access to their city for the disabled who rely on their certified canine companions. Or that they are no longer just discriminating against dogs, but against people with disabilities, too. They also don't seem to care that they're inviting more lawsuits against the city, like the ones that have already cost them thousands of dollars in taxpayer money.

Tell the nine city council members who voted to disregard the Americans with Disabilities Act to stop discriminating against the disabled and their dogs.

Photo: Veteran Glenn Belcher and his service dog Sky, courtesy of The Animal Law Center

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    • Dianne McGonigle DURHAM, CANADA
      • over 3 years ago

      BSL needs to be abolished, it has been proven time and time again IT DOES NOT WORK.

      Denver....educate yourself


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