Tell Del Monte: Stop Using Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals in Can Linings
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Tell Del Monte: Stop Using Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals in Can Linings

    1. Sarah Parsons
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      Sarah Parsons

      Silver Spring, MD

Bisphenol-A (BPA), a hormone-disrupting chemical, is found throughout America's food supply in various forms of food packaging. One of the top sources is canned foods. Companies use BPA in can linings, and the chemical seeps into foods like vegetables, soups, milk, sodas, and beans.

Studies indicating BPA's potential health impacts keep rolling in, and so far, the chemical's been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and early-onset puberty in people. Lab animals exposed to BPA in the womb were more likely to develop prostate and mammary gland cancers, obesity, and reproductive problems.

While most food producers continue to use BPA in can linings, safe, BPA-free alternatives exist. Tell Del Monte, a leading producer of canned foods, to stop harming human health. Sign our petition asking the company to switch to BPA-free can linings.

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