Tell Congress to Provide Vegetarian and Vegan Meal Options in Public Schools
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Tell Congress to Provide Vegetarian and Vegan Meal Options in Public Schools

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      Healthy School Lunches

We need your help to revolutionize school lunches across America! Sign the Healthy School Lunch petition today.

All students have the right to have vegetarian and vegan meals available in their schools. But for 30 million children their only options are artery-clogging, high-cholesterol meats and dairy products. These bad foods are unfair and risk their health over the long run. Now is the time to ask Congress for the healthy school lunches that students deserve.

Ask Congress to amend the Child Nutrition Act to help schools provide students school lunches with more vegetables, fruits, vegetarian foods, and healthful nondairy beverages.

Parents and other concerned adults: Ask students to sign the student petition.

Learn more about the campaign at

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