Tell Congress to Fight Pneumonia and Save the Lives of Children
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Tell Congress to Fight Pneumonia and Save the Lives of Children

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      Save the Children

Close to 9 million children under five will die this year -- and every year -- from preventable and treatable diseases like pneumonia. They die because they were born in poorer countries and don't have access to simple treatments that most of us in America take for granted.

We can do something to help save these millions of young lives, and so can Congress.

Members of Congress have introduced the Newborn, Child, and Mother Survival Act of 2009 in the House of Represenatives and the Global Child Survival Act of 2009 in the Senate, that would recommit the United States to lead the way in improving children's & mothers' health by developing and implementing an integrated, comprehensive strategy, as well as expanding funding for proven solutions like antibiotics & immunizations.

Sign the petition and tell Congress that it is time to make a change.

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