Tell Congress: Reform Toxic Chemical Laws Today
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Tell Congress: Reform Toxic Chemical Laws Today

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Every American has hundreds of toxic chemicals flowing through our blood streams. Adults, children, the elderly -- everyone.

In 1976, Congress passed the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) in an attempt to protect consumers from unsafe chemicals like the ones that are so common today, but the law has completely failed to keep the chemicals off the market. Critical loopholes in the law have allowed companies to continue peddling dangerous goods.

In fact, the EPA could not even ban asbestos, a known carcinogen that has been barred in more than 30 other countries.

It's time to get serious about protecting American families from toxic substances that are hidden in many consumer goods.


Urge your representatives to support consumer protection laws that will protect your family from toxic chemicals. Act today and tell Congress that you are not a guinea pig

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