Tell Congress: Pass the SLUM Act to Create Adequate Shelter Worldwide
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Tell Congress: Pass the SLUM Act to Create Adequate Shelter Worldwide

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Living in dignity is especially hard when you’re forced to live in the squalor of a slum.

Slums are usually inhabited by the poorest people in the city desperate for shelter and living in a slum puts already-vulnerable people at increased risk. Overcrowded conditions, open sewage and lack of sanitation services contribute to disease, and narrow paths that wind between ramshackle shacks made it all-but-impossible for emergency workers to reach people in need during a crisis situation. And the situation is growing ever more urgent as more and more people move to cities in search of jobs.

You can make a difference on behalf of poor people around the world by pressuring Congress to pass H.R. 2180, the Shelter, Land and Urban Management (SLUM) Assistance Act of 2011.

The SLUM Act is a smarter way to approach U.S. foreign aid policy – and it doesn’t require extra taxpayer dollars to make things better. What the bill does is help the U.S. more effectively address the need for adequate shelter worldwide.

The Shelter, Land and Urban Management (SLUM) Assistance Act of 2011:
-Establishes programs to expand access to affordable housing;
-Reviews U.S. aid to see what is – and isn’t – working to help improve the effectiveness of our programs; and
-Requires cooperation among public and private aid groups to find innovative solutions to improving life in slums until they can be eliminated.

Take action today. Please join Habitat for Humanity and demand that Congress pass the SLUM Act today.

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    • Patricia Losos OAK BROOK, IL
      • over 2 years ago

      Because there is no reason any person should have to live in subhuman conditions when we have the technology and the money to offer a dignified, human alternative if only countries will cooperate with one another.


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