Tell Congress: Pass the Hate Crimes Prevention Act!

Tell Congress: Pass the Hate Crimes Prevention Act!

    1. Sarah McConnaughey
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      Sarah McConnaughey

      Mesquite, NV

A bipartisan majority in the House has passed the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevent in Act! We came so close to passing this bill in both chambers in the last Congress and it is critically needed to protect LGBT Americans who are so often the targets of brutal violence.

If we can get the Hate Crimes Prevention Act through the Senate, President Obama will sign it. This is the year! But we need all the grassroots strength we can muster because the Religious Right has been coming out in force against this bill, and they know their best shot of stopping it is in the Senate. The Senate needs to know Americans are behind this bill. Please help make our petition the most effective lobbying tool possible -- SIGN IT NOW.

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