Tell Congress: Pass a Jobs Bill, Fight Unemployment
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Tell Congress: Pass a Jobs Bill, Fight Unemployment

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When giant banks faced grim prospects Washington jumped to their rescue and gave them hundreds of billions of dollars to help them get back on their feet.

But what about the millions of people in the United States who remain unemployed? An economic “recovery” that doesn’t provide new jobs isn’t really a recovery at all.

It’s time for the government to do for Main Street what it has already done for Wall Street: invest in a stimulus that will avert continued economic decline. We need to restore our lost jobs, create new jobs and foster emerging industries, and we need to provide support for the unemployed who often not only face joblessness, but expiration of benefits, lack of health care, diminished social services, and few opportunities for education and training.

Tell your representative in Congress to develop a comprehensive jobs bill that will help rebuild and expand the job market in America. We’ve already done what it takes to give our wealthiest bankers economic opportunity and security, now it’s time for everyone to have the same.

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