Tell Congress: No Woman Should Die During Childbirth
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Tell Congress: No Woman Should Die During Childbirth

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The Improvements in Global Maternal and newborn health Outcomes while Maximizing Successes Act or the "Global MOMS Act" will support activities that help expand access to better quality maternal health services, remove barriers to such services, and ensure that they meet international human rights standards.

Hundreds of thousands of women die each year from pregnancy-related complications. The vast majority of these deaths are unnecessary and preventable, caused by a lack of access to timely, quality health care. These preventable deaths represent violations of essential human rights, including the right to the highest attainable standard of health and the right to freedom from discrimination based on such factors as gender, race, ethnicity, immigration status, Indigenous status or income level.  

The Global MOMS Act will make a difference.  In some countries, it truly could mean the difference between life and death for a woman.  Please urge your Member of Congress to cosponsor this important piece of legislation - and support it when it comes to the floor of the House!


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