Tell Congress No War with Iran
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Tell Congress No War with Iran

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When it comes to Iran, it's not just Bush we need to worry about.

220 House Democrats and Republicans have co-sponsored a bill that approves an act of war against Iran.

As early as this month, the House may vote on H.Con.Res. 362. This non-binding resolution demands that Bush initiate an international effort to prohibit petroleum exports to Iran and impose stringent inspections on everything entering or departing Iran. This could be construed as a provocative measure to impose a land, sea and air blockade on Iran.

Without United Nations authority, such a blockade would be an act of war.
The Iranian response is likely to be the use of force to break the blockade, which could spark a chain of events leading to a broader war. The drumbeats for war continue to get louder – even from members who oppose the Iraq war and should know better than to approve a blank check for Gerge W. Bush.

Urge your Representative to vote AGAINST H.Con.Res. 362.
The United States has tried war in Iraq – it didn’t work like the hawks thought it would. Threats of force against Iran are not working. It's time to try strong, tough-minded diplomacy with Iran. War with Iran will undoubtedly bring disastrous consequences. Do your part to help prevent it today. Contact your Representative now!

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