Tell Congress: Fully Fund AmeriCorps and Service in 2012
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Tell Congress: Fully Fund AmeriCorps and Service in 2012

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Hundreds of thousands of people took action to win back funding for 2011.  Now it’s time to win again in 2012!
Once again the House of Representatives is likely going to pass a budget for FY2012 that eliminates the Corporation for National and Community Service and all of its programs including AmeriCorps and Senior Corps.

That means organizations like Jumpstart, City Year, Habitat for Humanity, Teach For America, and so many more would lose a significant source of funding.

It means the potential loss of more than 100,000 service jobs through AmeriCorps and other programs, and the loss of millions of volunteers providing critical and cost-effective services

As our country works to rebuild the economy and tackle challenges, now is exactly the time to invest in national service programs and fully fund President Obama’s request to expand service organizations in 2012.

Hundreds of thousands of people took action to win back major funding for service in the face of elimination for FY2011.  Add your voice and let's do it again for FY2012!

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      Let's keep going and get ready for national call day to Congress on September 15!

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    3. Problem, Solution, and Vision (VIDEO)

      Check out this powerful, two-minute animated video about the problem facing AmeriCorps and the national service movement, ServeNext's response, and vision to permanently fix it.

    4. Looking for more details about the fight to save AmeriCorps and service funding in FY12. Here's an overview on our blog:

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    6. Awesome! 7500 people speaking out to tell Congress: No more cuts...Fully fund AmeriCorps and service in FY2012 budget! Next up: 8500 people!

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    8. Anniversary of Serve America Act this week. Our field team is organizing house parties in cities across the country to celebrate and take action to protect this historic legislation. See if they're in your city and RSVP!

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    • Chloe Seal BENTONVILLE, AR
      • almost 3 years ago

      I am an AmeriCorps member (and have been for 2 years). AmeriCorps has given me the opportunity to discover my passion for youth and seek change in my community. Without this program, I wouldn't be where I am today in life. I am so thankful and want to see others be able to experience AmeriCorps like I have.

    • Sharice McCain ST. PAUL, MN
      • almost 3 years ago

      AmeriCorps was the greatest experience of my life. As an AmeriCorps VISTA I had the opportunity to impact my community in a big way and empower those around me to take responsibility for the communities we live in. AmeriCorps creates citizens who have pride in self, community and country.

    • Regis Gutz KEARNEY, NE
      • about 3 years ago

      Don't cut AmeriCorps and Service in 2012. Fully fund it so that it can continue making a difference.

    • Gajtana Simonovski FLUSHING, NY
      • about 3 years ago

      From a cost-benefit perspective, programs of the Corporation for National and Community Service provide more in services than cost and should not be cut.

    • Edward Jolly PORT SAINT LUCIE, FL
      • over 3 years ago

      I agree with all the comments I have read about this issue. I am glad there seem to be so many people who understand how important it is to give kids a chance to help others while helping themselves. This tradition of service to others is truly American! We have gone astray in this country for sure, but these kids can help us get back.


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