Tell Congress: Fulfill U.S. Obligations to the United Nations
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Tell Congress: Fulfill U.S. Obligations to the United Nations

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In a recent foreign affairs hearing in Congress, some members used the hearing to criticize and antagonize the work being done by the United Nations -- the same U.N. that is helping to mitigate nuclear disaster in Japan, strengthen response to chronic and severe human rights violations in Iran, and unite the world against tyranny in Libya.

Now those same lawmakers are trying to convince Americans that their slash-and-burn proposals amount to “UN reform."

But it is the wrong time to turn our backs on the world. Reform isn’t walking away from our global commitments -- it's about working with our international partners to create a better world.  

Enhancing the effectiveness of UN programs and agencies is critically important, but it requires concerted engagement by all member states, and positive U.S. leadership.

We can't let a few legislators jeopardize our standing in the word and shirk our responsibilities to the international community. We must work together to ensure a strong, effective, and beneficial U.S.-UN relationship isn’t eroded by impatient decisions, political grandstanding, or misguided policies.  

We’ve got a responsibility to our nation and our world -- giving up our leadership, our voice, our obligation is simply not an option. 

Urge Congress to support strong U.S. leadership in the United Nations -- and live up to our obligations to the international community. 

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    • John Karamargin TUCSON, AZ
      • over 3 years ago

      Just sayin', the focus should be on relief through the World Food Programme, not on more ambiguous efforts with questionable parties that may only result in festering unrest through the extension of conflict.


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