Tell Congress: Effective Teachers are Key for Education Reform
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Tell Congress: Effective Teachers are Key for Education Reform

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Right now, Senate and the House of Representatives leaders are working to reform No Child Left Behind legislation, formally known as the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. 

It is key that NCLB reforms include provisions that will ensure every child has a skilled, knowledgeable, and effective teacher and every school has an effective leader.

Research has repeatedly shown that the only way to close the achievement gap and transform our public schools is to recruit and retain great teachers and principals. Our schools must have structures for finding, educating, and rewarding greatness in the classroom.

In particular, StudentsFirst is encouraging Congress to support NCLB reforms that ensure districts implement meaningful evaluation systems for teachers based on multiple measures including both student achievement growth and classroom observation. Using evaluations rather than seniority to inform hiring, tenure, and compensation decisions is essential.

In addition, we need to support our teachers by providing them with professional development tailored to their needs.

Finally, states and districts must ensure an equitable distribution of highly effective teachers and leaders so that minority and low-income kids have equal access to great teachers.

Take action today to urge Congress to take these important steps toward guaranteeing great teachers and a great education to every child.

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