Tell Congress: Build A Clean Energy Economy Now
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Tell Congress: Build A Clean Energy Economy Now

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      The Wilderness Society

In April, 2010, Americans of all backgrounds are coming together to sign the Declaration of Energy Independence calling on the U.S. Senate to take swift action on clean energy and climate.

Forty years ago, Senator Gaylord Nelson helped start Earth Day. Senator Nelson served as The Wilderness Society's Counsel for many years after he left the Senate. Earth Day is a simple idea but taking action - for clean energy and a healthy environment - has never been more critical.

Forty years after the first Earth Day, we ask that you join Americans from all states and backgrounds to ask the Senate to stop stalling and start acting on clean energy and climate solutions for America.

By paving the way for America to build a clean energy economy, Congress will take meaningful action in the spirit of Earth Day to protect the environment, create jobs and enhance America's national security.

Join us. Declare your energy independence and demand action today!


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